Y: The Last Comic

31 01 2008

I just read the last “Y: The Last Man” comic. Wtf, people? That was one of the worst endings EVER!!! All it did was show sadness, no true conclusions, and just kind of went nowhere with no real ending.

And the part about Amp… That wasn’t even right. I bawled. Then I scooped up Karl and bawled some more. Those evil, evil people.

I wish I’d been right about the foreshadowing. Yorick killing himself would have been a far more satisfying end than this pile of crap.


Cute Cats and Other Adventures

22 01 2008

Cringer is trying to be as cute as possible in order to distract me from my homework. I’ve been gone all day after a 3 day weekend, so he’s not pleased. He was laying in his box (a shoe box on Larry’s desk) and kept letting the lid fall down on him. He’d smack and bat and carry on, then check and see if I was paying attention. He was trying to make me believe that he–my 20lb cat–is unable to stand up on all fours like he does any other day and lift that lid, which isn’t even all the way down. Then he bats at my fingers when I go to lift it.

Yes, I love my cats. And yes, they are spoiled.

School is insane, but the good news is that it is flying by so fast that it makes me hope that the semester will do the same. Hopefully I’ll be strutting down the aisle for my piece of expensive paper before you know it.

I still can’t crochet. I haven’t had the time to really practice. Any spare time has been spent making a multi-paged website for my guild on how to obtain avvies.


As I said on LJ the other day:

Got a business doing websites.
When my friends need some code, who do they call?
I do html for ’em all.
Even made a homepage for my dawg.

Holy cow, I’m white & nerdy! lol As if you needed me to TELL you how nerdy I truly am.

The Woes of Learning

12 01 2008

I’m having issues learning to crochet. Mostly because I don’t have anyone available to look over my shoulder and tell me if I’m even close to right. Alicia was supposed to help me on Thursday, but I think she was more interested in watching the movie and socializing. She seemed a bit uncharacteristically impatient that day, so I let it go.

I’ve studied my book. I’ve studied pictures on websites. I’ve watched upteenzillion YouTube videos. Yet nothing compares to having an experienced teacher at your side, telling you yay or nay, correcting your mistakes and praising your accomplishments.

My little blanket I made for my niece’s stuffed bunny was very pretty, but it wasn’t crochet. I managed to knit somehow. Now I’m paranoid I’m doing it wrong again. I wish Haley was closer to Pikeville (or I was closer to Ashland). She’d teach me and not mind that “Crocheting for Dummies” was written just for me. Hmmmm, I ought to see if the library has that…

But in light-hearted news, Larry and I went and yarn-shopped at Wal-Mart. See, since the arrival of the yarn from Haley, my cats have gone nuts over it. Last night, Cringer packed one small ball around, which Karl would later unravel. Then Cringer packed off my purple yarn. After it was confiscated, he made off with one of my hooks… then tried to fish the second out of my purse! So we required a ball especially for the cats.

Once at Wal-Mart (the only yarn selling place we know of around here), we went to the section we got Haley’s pretty yarn from. We figured we’d best get cotton for them to bat around. After all, if acrylic is pretty much just plastic, who wants their cat eating that? If they eat the cotton yarn, I figure it won’t hurt them (mmm, fiber!). Well, I didn’t notice any cotton yarn right off. I was looking at your typical long rolls of acrylic yarn. I kept eyeballing the “baby soft” yarn for future baby blankets, but as I said… acrylic.

I flagged down a sales lady and asked if they carried any cotton or wool yarn. You’d have thought I’d made her late for a date with royalty. “What you see is what we have,” she said and walked off.

Gee, thanks. You could have at least humored me into thinking you knew something about this department.

Luckily, Larry spotted some odd-shaped things of thread/yarn. I’d never seen yarn wound so oddly, like it came right off a spinning wheel or something. Turns out that was the cotton yarn, so we bought a small ball of no-dye cotton yarn for like $1.45 or something. We brought it home… and the cats won’t even sniff at it. *rolls eyes*

Oh well. At least now I’ve scouted out yarn that is baby-safe and pretty to boot for when I eventually learn how to crochet and can make blankets for my nieces and nephew. 🙂 I’m beginning to understand the yarn fetish Haley has. I even found what I dubbed “camo yarn” for camouflage/hunting scarves for mom and Bill (stepdad), and other hunters in the family.

Best quote from the whole trip was when Larry was looking at the yarn, trying to help me find something not-plastic. He pointed at some purple/navy yarn that was extraordinarily fuzzy and said, “That looks like it came from an animal!” He checked the label. “Guess not.”


A BA In English

9 01 2008

What do you do with a B.A. in English,
What is my life going to be?
Four years of college and plenty of knowledge,
Have earned me this useless degree.

I can’t pay the bills yet,
‘Cause I have no skills yet,
The world is a big scary place.

But somehow I can’t shake,
The feeling I might make,
A difference,
To the human race.

Boy, what a fitting song. I’ve been looking for future jobs with just a BA in English, and the results are borderline depressing. :-/ Paralegal certificate, here I come.

Larry thinks I’d make a great librarian. That would mean a few more years getting my MA in library science. Sounds good until you mention more schoolin’. I’m a burn out… but it is my last semester. Then I can try to get a real job instead of work-study. Let’s just hope said real job isn’t doing something I hate. *le sigh* I’m not feeling very hopeful at the moment, as you can tell.

Edumacation Alert

7 01 2008

The other night, I was doing further reading of “Dark Tower III: The Wastelands.” This was a few days after Larry revealed the future pregnancy of Susannah, how he never saw it coming. “It was like Stephen King forgot about it for two books,” he said.

After reading a bit after what is the concluded conception of the future child, I leaned off the side of the bed and looked into the study at Larry.

Me: You didn’t see the pregnancy coming?
Larry: No…?
Me: I just came across two bits of foreshadowing. *proceeds to give examples*
Larry: *laughs at me*

After all this time of not feeling like I’ve learned a blasted thing in college about literature, I’ve proved myself wrong by simply picking up these books. Go me! I’m smart after all!

Comics & Me

3 01 2008
Found out yesterday that “Y: The Last Man #60” has been pushed back until the end of January. The last issues was pushed back multiple times. It’s THE LAST ISSUE PEOPLE!!! I need to know what happens!!!

Summary stolen from Wikipedia:
In the series, on July 17, 2002, something (speculated to be a plague) simultaneously kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome – including embryos, fertilized eggs, and even sperm. The only exceptions are Yorick Brown, a young amateur escape artist, and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand.

Society is plunged into chaos as infrastructures collapse and the surviving women everywhere try to cope with the loss of the men, their survivors’ guilt, and the knowledge that humanity is doomed to extinction. Vaughan meticulously crafts the new society that emerges out of this chaos, from the conversion of the phallic Washington Monument into a monument to the dead men, to the genesis of the fanatical ultra-feminist Daughters of the Amazon, who believe that Mother Earth cleansed itself of the “aberration” of the Y chromosome, to male impersonators becoming valued romantically and professionally.

Over the course of their journey, Yorick and his friends discover how society has coped in the aftermath of the plague. However, many of the women they encounter have ulterior motives in regard to Yorick. Though the subject matter of the series is entirely serious, Y: The Last Man is also noted for its humor. Yorick in particular is a source of one-liners, although the other characters have their moments as well.

I read 59 issues in three days. I cried when I read #59 because… *sniffles* It was sad. I just hope this issue wasn’t foreshadowed by that play in one of the past issues. I’d be royally pissed at THAT ending.

They’re also making a movie out of it and I think it’s official that they got the “Transformers” kid (Shia LaBeouf) to play Yorrick. I’m not too happy with this. It’s been speculated for some time they’d cast him, and I wasn’t happy then, either. Personally, I think the guy from “Boy Meets World” (Ben Savage) would be a far superrior Yorrick.

But what do I know? I’m new to the whole comic book scene. *shrugs*

Speaking of which, if either of you two come across any of the “Gunslinger Born” series, pick it up and look at it. You don’t have to read it, just admire the fact that each individual frame is a work of art. I want to pluck them all out, enlarge them, and frame them.

Ah, Fictional Love…

1 01 2008

My goal for this Christmas break was to sit back and enjoy myself, specifically by throwing myself into any and all fictional stories that could not possibly be mistaken for “real literature,” though to be perfectly honest, I consider some comic books to be far superior to half the crap they make us read in English Lit classes.

So far, I have read the following:

All 59 issues of “Y: The Last Man” (last issue comes out in January, with any luck)
All 7 issues of “The Gunslinger Born” (prequal comics to the Dark Tower series)
“Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger”
“Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three”

I’m currently reading “Dark Tower III: The Wastelands.” I’ve also started Final Fantasy XII, which is an RPG and a story in my book. I’ve also been playing “The Sims 1” like crazy, and while there’s no “real” story, I’ve made up some stupid ones in my head for all my families. 😀

And to think, one of the professors suggested I pick up a reading list for my Black Lit class… *eyes roll* I was so burned out from Brit Lit and all my other classes that I’d probably have shot myself if I’d picked up “A Christmas Carol.” Larry’s already had to remind me multiple times to stop analyzing everything I’ve been reading. Hehe… Kid you not, I walked into the study after reading “The Gunslinger” and we had the following conversation:

Me: How many Dark Tower books are there?
Him: Seven… why?
Me: What’s the connection between the seven books and the seven tarot cards Walter drew for Roland?
Him: *confused* Huh? None that I know of.
Me: You sure?
Him: *sighs* Stop analyzing the book, Jan…

*blushes* I’ve been an English major so long, I can’t pleasure read any more. Sad thing is, I’ll probably go to law school when I graduate.