Ah, Fictional Love…

1 01 2008

My goal for this Christmas break was to sit back and enjoy myself, specifically by throwing myself into any and all fictional stories that could not possibly be mistaken for “real literature,” though to be perfectly honest, I consider some comic books to be far superior to half the crap they make us read in English Lit classes.

So far, I have read the following:

All 59 issues of “Y: The Last Man” (last issue comes out in January, with any luck)
All 7 issues of “The Gunslinger Born” (prequal comics to the Dark Tower series)
“Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger”
“Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three”

I’m currently reading “Dark Tower III: The Wastelands.” I’ve also started Final Fantasy XII, which is an RPG and a story in my book. I’ve also been playing “The Sims 1” like crazy, and while there’s no “real” story, I’ve made up some stupid ones in my head for all my families. 😀

And to think, one of the professors suggested I pick up a reading list for my Black Lit class… *eyes roll* I was so burned out from Brit Lit and all my other classes that I’d probably have shot myself if I’d picked up “A Christmas Carol.” Larry’s already had to remind me multiple times to stop analyzing everything I’ve been reading. Hehe… Kid you not, I walked into the study after reading “The Gunslinger” and we had the following conversation:

Me: How many Dark Tower books are there?
Him: Seven… why?
Me: What’s the connection between the seven books and the seven tarot cards Walter drew for Roland?
Him: *confused* Huh? None that I know of.
Me: You sure?
Him: *sighs* Stop analyzing the book, Jan…

*blushes* I’ve been an English major so long, I can’t pleasure read any more. Sad thing is, I’ll probably go to law school when I graduate.




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3 01 2008

Justin and I started digging through the bible because of a town mentioned in the dark tower series…. I forget the town, but it is also in the Bible. We spent days trying to break down the meaning there. The same town name was also used in “The Handmaid’s tale”. Which brings me to another rant. Once you get past the assigned reading of undergrad, in grad school, you pretty much get to pick what you want to read. Which is why I’m studying dystopian fiction (aka fun science fiction). 😛 Also, while “the Handmaid’s Tale” is considered “literature” and it really has a lot of meaning and hought-provoking stuff, my God it’s brilliant!!! Love it!

3 01 2008

Oh and we finally decided it was a coincidence. The meaning of the town in the Bible had zero relation to what was happening in the dark tower…even with all my advanced literary theory, I couldn’t come up with anything lol.

3 01 2008

I liked Susannah a lot more when she was either/or. I’ve stopped at book 4. Not sure why. I was cruising right along, putting nearly all of a book away in a day at my boring…I mean blessed job. I think my thesis got in the way.

10 01 2008

A girl I know did her thesis on Shakespeare and the comic book series “The Sandman” so yes.. I do think you can get away with it.

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