The Woes of Learning

12 01 2008

I’m having issues learning to crochet. Mostly because I don’t have anyone available to look over my shoulder and tell me if I’m even close to right. Alicia was supposed to help me on Thursday, but I think she was more interested in watching the movie and socializing. She seemed a bit uncharacteristically impatient that day, so I let it go.

I’ve studied my book. I’ve studied pictures on websites. I’ve watched upteenzillion YouTube videos. Yet nothing compares to having an experienced teacher at your side, telling you yay or nay, correcting your mistakes and praising your accomplishments.

My little blanket I made for my niece’s stuffed bunny was very pretty, but it wasn’t crochet. I managed to knit somehow. Now I’m paranoid I’m doing it wrong again. I wish Haley was closer to Pikeville (or I was closer to Ashland). She’d teach me and not mind that “Crocheting for Dummies” was written just for me. Hmmmm, I ought to see if the library has that…

But in light-hearted news, Larry and I went and yarn-shopped at Wal-Mart. See, since the arrival of the yarn from Haley, my cats have gone nuts over it. Last night, Cringer packed one small ball around, which Karl would later unravel. Then Cringer packed off my purple yarn. After it was confiscated, he made off with one of my hooks… then tried to fish the second out of my purse! So we required a ball especially for the cats.

Once at Wal-Mart (the only yarn selling place we know of around here), we went to the section we got Haley’s pretty yarn from. We figured we’d best get cotton for them to bat around. After all, if acrylic is pretty much just plastic, who wants their cat eating that? If they eat the cotton yarn, I figure it won’t hurt them (mmm, fiber!). Well, I didn’t notice any cotton yarn right off. I was looking at your typical long rolls of acrylic yarn. I kept eyeballing the “baby soft” yarn for future baby blankets, but as I said… acrylic.

I flagged down a sales lady and asked if they carried any cotton or wool yarn. You’d have thought I’d made her late for a date with royalty. “What you see is what we have,” she said and walked off.

Gee, thanks. You could have at least humored me into thinking you knew something about this department.

Luckily, Larry spotted some odd-shaped things of thread/yarn. I’d never seen yarn wound so oddly, like it came right off a spinning wheel or something. Turns out that was the cotton yarn, so we bought a small ball of no-dye cotton yarn for like $1.45 or something. We brought it home… and the cats won’t even sniff at it. *rolls eyes*

Oh well. At least now I’ve scouted out yarn that is baby-safe and pretty to boot for when I eventually learn how to crochet and can make blankets for my nieces and nephew. πŸ™‚ I’m beginning to understand the yarn fetish Haley has. I even found what I dubbed “camo yarn” for camouflage/hunting scarves for mom and Bill (stepdad), and other hunters in the family.

Best quote from the whole trip was when Larry was looking at the yarn, trying to help me find something not-plastic. He pointed at some purple/navy yarn that was extraordinarily fuzzy and said, “That looks like it came from an animal!” He checked the label. “Guess not.”





One response

14 01 2008

Ack Jan!!!! You have got to come visit me lol. I would love love love to teach you and to take you to all the yarn shops and let you drool over wools, cottons, cashmere, alpaca, angora, mohair… mmm real fibers. In most wal-marts if you look next to where they keep the hooks there should be the brand “lily sugar n cream” or “peaches n cream” It’s nonmercerized cotton, which just means it’s a bit rough. Wal-mart also usually carries “Lion Brand Wool-Ease” which has acrylic in it but it also has some wool. Usually everything else at wal-mart is el acrylico. 😦 I have made a vow to not buy anymore acrylic yarn (I have enough already to keep me busy for a year at least but that’s beside the point). Any new yarn coming into the house will be made by nature, dangit!And fear not making mistakes!! There are no crochet police. Nobody will strike you down for not doing it “right.” Just have fun. One of the best things about crochet (unless you’re using chenille) is that you can just rip it back out if you don’t like it and nobody has to know that it ever existed.

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