Cute Cats and Other Adventures

22 01 2008

Cringer is trying to be as cute as possible in order to distract me from my homework. I’ve been gone all day after a 3 day weekend, so he’s not pleased. He was laying in his box (a shoe box on Larry’s desk) and kept letting the lid fall down on him. He’d smack and bat and carry on, then check and see if I was paying attention. He was trying to make me believe that he–my 20lb cat–is unable to stand up on all fours like he does any other day and lift that lid, which isn’t even all the way down. Then he bats at my fingers when I go to lift it.

Yes, I love my cats. And yes, they are spoiled.

School is insane, but the good news is that it is flying by so fast that it makes me hope that the semester will do the same. Hopefully I’ll be strutting down the aisle for my piece of expensive paper before you know it.

I still can’t crochet. I haven’t had the time to really practice. Any spare time has been spent making a multi-paged website for my guild on how to obtain avvies.

As I said on LJ the other day:

Got a business doing websites.
When my friends need some code, who do they call?
I do html for ’em all.
Even made a homepage for my dawg.

Holy cow, I’m white & nerdy! lol As if you needed me to TELL you how nerdy I truly am.




One response

28 01 2008

DT 4 is ridiculously sad. Even as a guy, I broke down a bit while reading it.

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