Y: The Last Comic

31 01 2008

I just read the last “Y: The Last Man” comic. Wtf, people? That was one of the worst endings EVER!!! All it did was show sadness, no true conclusions, and just kind of went nowhere with no real ending.

And the part about Amp… That wasn’t even right. I bawled. Then I scooped up Karl and bawled some more. Those evil, evil people.

I wish I’d been right about the foreshadowing. Yorick killing himself would have been a far more satisfying end than this pile of crap.




One response

31 01 2008

See..if they don’t end it, then they can bring it back later when their fans begin to be impatient with the lack of ending. It’s all a clever ploy. And yes, I do tend to skip straight to the conspiracy theory of things rather than any kind of rational idea like “maybe the writer had a bad day.” 😛 It’s part of my charm.

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