Dreaming of Art

20 02 2008

I want to draw a picture. I love “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny.” I love Dave Grohl as Beezelboss (the devil). I want to draw like a back tattoo for the sholderblades. The Devil having a rock-off with a really badass angel. Dave doing the whole scene where he does the line, “I’m the devil, I can do what I waaaaaant.” Holding the mic and stuff.

I haven’t picked an angel yet. I had thoughts of Randy Rhodes as an angel with his polkadot guitar, but I’ve grown out of that phase. Plus I learned he was an ass in real life, so no angel-status for him. *humph* Coming up with the devil was easy. An angel? Not so much.

I’ll never actually get this tattoo. Painful and expensive. But it’d be fun to come up with and pretend I have it. 😀 For now, I just want my little bunny on my leg. I’ve wanted it for years (damn you Stevums), and I shall get it.




One response

21 02 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

ooh ooh! You should make the angel Tim Curry! You could even make him Tim Curry as the devil from “Legend” then it would be dueling devils… which would kinda totally change your concept.My favorite Dave as the devil quote is “I’m the devil, I like metal!”, but my favorite thing in the movie was Tim Robbins. What? I know! What is Tim Robbins doing in the movie? Being freaking hilarious, that’s what. That and the whole Jack Black singing his internal monologue while sneaking into the building.

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