Frusteration Doesn't Quite Define It

30 03 2008

Would it kill these crocheting people to write in ENGLISH?! I’ve been trying for days to do this pattern without any idea what to do after I sc 6 and make a slip stitch. I can understand that far.

Would it absolutely devastate their little secret code of honor to write these things out in a plain, readable language? Honestly, it could be in German for all I care. I’ve got Google translator for that… but there’s no “Crochet to English” setting!!!

I’m a few weeks away from having my bachelor’s in English with a minor in communication. Yet for some reason, I can’t figure out what manner of English they’re using to try to communicate a pattern to me.

*headdesk* x 30


Sick Day

26 03 2008

My sore throat is now accompanied by a cold I caught from Bubby & Chrissy. I missed school today because I was hacking all night. Very yarg, but I did spend quality time with my yarn and cats.

I did not know Cringer had a thing for cotton yarn. He won’t touch the wool or acrylic. The second I whip out the cotton, though, he’s all over it. Weird cat…

After trying off and on all day, I’ve realized that I can’t remember the way I made Raquel’s sassy hat. *sadness* I keep stitching and stitching, then tearing it apart (frogging?) because it won’t form the “pizza” top. It makes a bowl… or a cup, rather. Very annoying.

I dunno. When I started with the wool, it was like Michelangelo said… I saw what it was and brought it out. I saw a hat, so I made a hat. Making another one is proving to be quite difficult. I see a pattern in my near future.

Ugh, wish I’d stop hacking!!!

A Quickie

24 03 2008

I’m running late today (I’m sick, so I can run late to “work” if I feel like it, mwahahaha), so here’s a quick news flash:

Pictures on Ravelry of my latest projects, including Raquel’s sassy hat!

That is all.

Ultimate Nerdom

21 03 2008

I’ve discovered “groups” on ravelry. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m in three groups now. Two are for “Firefly” (Big Damn Knitters is my fave) and one for Warcraft. I’m in love with the Warcraft group. Who knew there were other gals out there who also crochet/knit between flight points? 😀

I tried to start on a pillow for Bun-Bun today. I worked on it for about two hours before I gave up. I am incapable of knitting an even square. By the time I was done fooling myself into thinking I could do it, it looked like a flat-topped triangle.

The good news is that I can now crochet with some confidence in my stitching! Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Oh New Love

18 03 2008

I’ve fallen in love (again) with looking at crochet patterns. My completion of two hats–one for Raquel and one for Bun-Bun–have boosted my confidence. Now I’m looking at yarn for this pattern I found for a beginner’s baby blanket. It ought to be easy enough. ^_^ I’m going to make it for my new niece-or-nephew, and I’ll probably make more for my other nieces and nephew.

*happy dance*

I’m really understanding Haley’s yarn obsession. I’m on Lion Brand right now, comparing yarn and yarn prices. At the moment, Peaches & Cream seems a lot more likely. Lion Brand likes to sneak acrylic in there, and I–being the obsessive aunt I am–wouldn’t sleep at night if there was an ounce of plastic in their blankies. Cotton it is, all the way.

Hmmm, I should check out that Peaches & Cream website… if they have one. I bet they have far more color choices there than at Wal-Mart. Then I can get the store to order the colors I want instead of setteling for what’s in stock. ^_^

*happy dance*

Just My Luck

17 03 2008

I forgot my camera at Larry’s mom’s house this weekend. I can’t post my awesome pictures yet. What’s worse, I can’t take pictures of the cute little Bun-Bun hat I made last night. *pouts*

Over the weekend, I’ve learned that wool is far better to use for hats. Acrylic just doesn’t cut it. It likes to droop rather than curl.

Ugh, I’d forgotten 8 o’clock came twice a day. Karl’s crying again for some unknown reason. We’ve concluded it’s an attention ploy rather than anything really being wrong with him.

Luckily, it’s a three day weekend this week. I just have to hold out until then.

A Crocheting Accomplishment

16 03 2008

I’ve been trying to crochet a pillow for my niece’s Bun-Bun, but my aforementioned awesome wool yarn kept “curling” on the end, making what I called a “curly-q” rather than a straight line. Thus I was inspired and made a hat for my 15 month old niece out of it. I worked on it for 10 straight hours with some breaks and stuff to play with babies. I had no pattern, no pictures, nothing to go off of. Just a vague memory of the hat Haley made out of the yarn I gave her for Christmas.

It looked pretty awesome, honestly. It had a few slipped stitches (I think that’s what Haley called them, where I goof up and a little loop hangs out), and the floppy brim was kinda short and uneven when I tied off… but you can’t tell when I roll it up, which was what I intended on doing anyway.

Raquel loves the hat, and she gets really sassy when she wears it. Even my nephew (same age) got some ‘tude when he tried it on. She was very happy with her hat, and I was pleased. Now my eldest niece (who’s 5) wants me to make her one with my purple yarn.

I’d upload a picture or three, but I’m very, very tired. I see crochet stitching when I close my eyes. At least I finished it and it looked great. The baby loved it, and I am happy. Pictures coming soon.