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2 03 2008

I have a functional car now! It’s a Taurus and her name is Fancy. Yes, after the Reba song. 😀 She drives so fine!!! After the Blue Car of Death, though, I thought the chorus of “Fancy” was quite suiting… “Here’s you one chance, Fancy. Don’t let me down.”

I’m also going to be an aunt again sometime in the fall. My niece, Raquel (14 months) is getting a brother or sister! I’m very excited.

I’ve also realized that I need to get a “Q hook” to do the afghans for all the babies. I was going to make three. Now I need to make four… unless the new baby becomes babies. ^_^




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2 03 2008

Congratulations on everything! ya know…I don’t think I have a q hook. hmm. I have a P and an S…but not a Q. What pattern are you looking at?

4 03 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

hmm… I think I have 2 Q hooks! They are huge and plastic and blue. …There are actual afghan hooks that you use to make the afghan stitch. They are extra long. But I have never seen one in a size as big as Q.

5 03 2008

Yeah… I’m not sure what your book is saying. Sure, I’m not a crochet expert. Q hooks are used on really big yarn. So if your afghan has really big yarn, then Q hook it up! The afghan hook is like a knitting needle (a long one) with a hook on the end.

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