Spring Has Sprung

13 03 2008

Spring is here and my allergies have gone batty. I can’t breathe properly. My head aches constantly. My eyes are dehydrated and blinking feels really weird. I hate spring, I really really do.

However, due to the lovely weather, I’ve been opening my windows to air out the apartment. Karl disapproves as the new smells freak him out. He wanders around the house aimlessly, laying beneath the offending window(s), meowing his little head off. The other day (before I knew what was upsetting him), he meowed his little self horse. I don’t know what to do other than only open the window(s) for an hour or so before closing them.

Needless to say, his meowing is doing nothing for my constant headache.

I love the multi-colored wool yarn Haley sent me. It’s so pretty and colorful, plus I like how it feels. It’s kinda itchy, but not like acrylic-itchy. This is itchy in a good, non-plastic way. But yes, love playing with it very muchly. I plan on making a Bun-Bun pillow case out of it.




One response

13 03 2008

I’m glad you like the yarn! It is a little scritchy but I like it. I’ll have to send you some good merino wool sometime. Man it’s soft. Like butter. There is wool so soft it feels like…. a dream. I can’t describe it.Biscuit freaks out with the open windows too. Mostly because he can’t get in them. Oops. 😛

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