A Crocheting Accomplishment

16 03 2008

I’ve been trying to crochet a pillow for my niece’s Bun-Bun, but my aforementioned awesome wool yarn kept “curling” on the end, making what I called a “curly-q” rather than a straight line. Thus I was inspired and made a hat for my 15 month old niece out of it. I worked on it for 10 straight hours with some breaks and stuff to play with babies. I had no pattern, no pictures, nothing to go off of. Just a vague memory of the hat Haley made out of the yarn I gave her for Christmas.

It looked pretty awesome, honestly. It had a few slipped stitches (I think that’s what Haley called them, where I goof up and a little loop hangs out), and the floppy brim was kinda short and uneven when I tied off… but you can’t tell when I roll it up, which was what I intended on doing anyway.

Raquel loves the hat, and she gets really sassy when she wears it. Even my nephew (same age) got some ‘tude when he tried it on. She was very happy with her hat, and I was pleased. Now my eldest niece (who’s 5) wants me to make her one with my purple yarn.

I’d upload a picture or three, but I’m very, very tired. I see crochet stitching when I close my eyes. At least I finished it and it looked great. The baby loved it, and I am happy. Pictures coming soon.




3 responses

16 03 2008

Yay! I can’t wait for the pictures!

17 03 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

I want to seeeeeeee! 🙂

17 03 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

I want to seeeeeeee! 🙂

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