Happiness Abounds In the Yarn Stash

4 04 2008

I have FINALLY figured out how to do my spiral hat! I have worked and worked until it finally “clicked” and it worked. I’ve committed it to memory for future hats. Needless to say, I am very, very happy about this development.

The hat is in this amazing shade of yellow that is so bright and happy. The stitches are making an absolutely beautiful spiral. I know usually pride isn’t one of my big things, but I can’t help but sit here and look at it, thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I made this with my own two hands!”

Of course, it’s not even half way done. It’s not even the full crown yet, not even for Chrissy’s little head (I’m making it closer to my size so she can wear it a long time). But I’m just so pleased with how it looks so far! I finally figured it out (without a pattern) and it looks even better than Raquel’s hat did… then again, it was hard to see the spiral in it because it was so dark of a color.

But yeah… I am very, very happy and proud of myself.




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