For the Love of Fluff

9 04 2008

My fluffy-baby, Karl, has been over-the-top lovable the last few days. All he wants is to be cuddled, held, and pet. While I do enjoy the affection, I do get rather aggravated when he wants to flop, roll, lick my face, and change positions every fifteen seconds. Then when I run him off my lap, he bites my chair.

Poor attention starved baby. You’d think I don’t put up with this ten times a day for long periods of time… lol Silly ol’ kitter bear.

My fluffy baby, Karl, sleeping on the old desk chair.

Karl, me, and Cringer, shortly before going to bed… as if they’d actually go to sleep.




One response

9 04 2008

LOL! How cute. Biscuit is like that ALL THE TIME. :-/ It doesn’t matter if he has had nothing but non stop attention for weeks or if he’s been left alone for a few days. It is nice though that when we sleep, the biz-cat sleeps.

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