Yay For Yarn!

21 04 2008

My yarn for new baby’s blanket came in today! *happy dance* It is so soft and sooooo pretty! It’s a BRIGHT shade of pastel green and softer than I could have imagined. I thought superwash wool would be like my wool yarn, just washable. This yarn isn’t like that, though. It’s soft like a pillow.

I want superwash wool pillows… in abundance. I want them in a rainbow of colors, all over the place. Especially on that chair-and-a-half we keep calling a loveseat. Our living room is done in tan/beige and chocolate brown, but I want to cover that poor chair in a rainbow of soft pillows. ❤

That is my yarn fantasy of the moment, at least.

As soon as Larry gets home, we MUST make a Wal-Mart run for a Q-hook. I thought my yarn wouldn’t be in until later this week, so I was putting it off. I’d go right now, but long story short, Larry had to take my car to work this morning and I don’t have a key to the Firebird’s ignition. *pouts*

Is it 3:40 yet?




One response

22 04 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

my yarn fantasy is finishing this #$@%**! blanket before my brother’s wedding! Only 3 skeins to go, oh boy!

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