Edit on Pwn Origions

30 05 2008

Larry has corrected one part of my explanation. It was not a misspelling on the player’s part. Apparently, it was an in-game thing. On one map, it said “*player name* has just pwned *other name*” or something like that.

When our nerdoms combine, we become very, very nerdy. 😉


Origins of Pwn

29 05 2008

Pwn (pown) verb

The internet word “pwn” originated back in the era when every gamer and their little brother played Starcraft (before the days of World of Warcraft, also by Blizzard). Players began using the word “owned” or “ownd” after battles, such as “You just got ownd!” (you just got your ass handed to you) or “I own by default!” (I kick ass by default).

During intense moments of excitement, the misspelling of “own” happened more and more frequently as “pwn” due to the location of the letter P next to the letter O. Eventually, this misspelling became so common, gamers have simply adapted to the word and began using it instead of the original word.

The word has become so popular, it can even be heard on some popular telivision shows, namely the episode of South Park entitled “Make Love, Not Warcraft” when Cartman is about to defeat an enemy who has plagued them throughout the episode. “You’re about to get pwnd,” he says, meaning, “I am about to defeat you.”

Outside gaming uses for the word “pwn”:

1) This hook pwns by default = There is no equal to this hook because it rocks that much.
2) That math test pwnd me = That math test was super hard, so I doubt I did very well.
3) I just pwnd that pile of dishes = I finally got around to washing the dishes I’d been dreading and finished the job.

New Hook Tested

29 05 2008

Today I used the hook Haley gave me and it was totally FTW. It helped a LOT with this whole “claw” hand as Haley discribed it. Now only one hand hurts instead of two.

Seriously… if anyone decides to send me yarn, don’t send Red Heart. (If you heart me, don’t send Red Heart!) *childish snickers*

My bag is coming along awesomely. I’ve got the front/flap done. The bottom/sides are nearly done. All that’s left is the front, assembly, and the strap. Still not sure how to put the strap on just yet, though. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

So yes, hook is Jan Approved. Red Heart yarn is not. My Bag of Chance pwns by default.

Long Weekend

28 05 2008

The last few days have been so hardcore, it’s like a blur in my head.

Lots of baby-visiting. Lots of drama. Chrissy (niece) graduated kindergarten. Babies were adorable. I make Raquel (other niece) a tiny scarf out of remnants of new baby’s blanket yarn. Ordered yarn for Raquel a blanket. Caught bugs with Chrissy and curled her hair. Watched Larry play monkies with Bubby (nephew).

Haley sent me two awesome crochet books and an awesome crochet hook for my graduation present. I’m tickled silly over it. Larry has taken to calling her “Haley Darel,” which is a good thing. There are two kinds of people in the world, Darels and Dougs. In short, Darels are awesome people, and Dougs suck sour toad ass. No one wants to be a Doug. ^_^

Adrielle is a Darel, too… just so you know.

I’m very, very tired. After a hot bath, I must sleep… and dream of babies.

A Post Before Bed

25 05 2008

My yarn tote’s first venture out was a complete success. I am most pleased. My fingers are very tender from working with this yarn. I’ll probably have to take a day or two off from all the crocheting I’ve been doing, or at least start a new project. Red Heart and I don’t mix very well at all.

My bag is coming along well so far.

I also saw “Forbidden Kingdom.” I didn’t get to hear most of if because of people talking, but I got the general jist of the story. Way awesome… and Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan is quite possibly the mose awesome fight of all time. I was watching it with (among others) Larry and Greg, who both study kung fu (Greg teaches Larry) and they agreed it was most excellent.

I didn’t know Jet Li was a monk (studied as one, whatever) or that Jackie Chan studdied in the Somethingoranother Opera. I never bothered asking or looking it up, either, but eh… Learn something new every day, right?

Also watched the UFC fight. Also way cool. Silva (?) is a freakin’ madman in the ring. He won his match in the first round in 36 seconds. O_o Amazing!

Also saw video clips of the American Idol fella winning. I must admit, he’s got some skills there. Thumbs up and kudos to him for winning. He gave me a tiny case of pricklies… kinda like goosebumps, but not quite that intense… or something.

Yeah, it is waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime.

New Yarn Tote!!!

23 05 2008


This is my stash! I know… tiny, considering most, but that’s okay. I’ve got what I need. 😀


Here’s my stash, my WIP tote jug, my computer, and my giant purple notebook. ❤ All my favorite material posessions in one picture!


The front of my new tote bag… it’s a Protégé Personal Care Organizer from Wal-Mart. It’s got a small pocket there on the front for random goodies.


Both sides look like this. It didn’t come with a shoulder strap, but I plan on snagging one maybe off my kitty-cat bag or something. The pockets on either side are large enough for my celly! Yay!


The back pocket is really deep and has oodles of room for random stuff. This is my scarf hanging out of it.


The back, sans scarf.


Here’s where the fun starts! POCKETS!!! The entire top and front zips down to reveal a HUGE interior. I have two crochet books in it as well as all the yarn I might possibly want to use while traveling. (Karl is already inspecting the yarn… So THAT’S where you’re hiding it!)


Side view and revealing the other pouch that holds my afghan hook, Q-hook, and P-hook. (Karl’s pouting in the background because I shoo-ed him away)


Hooks and a tiny book of baby crochet/knitting projects.


The state of my bag right now with yarns, hook, and my tote-in-progress stuffed inside it.


All my yarns neatly tucked away in their straps and pockets with my WIP side/bottom of my tote in the bottom. 😀

I ❤ my yarn tote!

Ugh… my headache has returned and Satan Kid is BLASTING his music so loud that my desk is vibrating. Would someone please… please… please put either me or him our of our miseries?

Teach a Gal to Crochet…

22 05 2008

I’m telling you, learning to crochet has been perhaps the single most amazing thing I’ve had come into my life in a long while. It’s excellent therapy for me when I’m stressed or upset. With the drama with particular family members that’s been going on the last couple of weeks, it’s been a godsend, to say the least.

I originally thought my bag would take quite some time to make. At the rate I’m going, it will be done before the weekend is through. I’ve finished the back side and flap. Last night, I started the sides/bottom. Still have a way to go, naturally, but it looks good so far.

Thank goodness for the small things in life, huh?