Offer Revoked

5 05 2008

Yesterday Larry and I were at the home of a former co-worker of his who’s due to have her baby any time now (my guess is in two weeks, three tops). Since I finished New Baby’s blanket the other day and was immensely proud of it, I asked the mom-to-be if I could make her one and in what color.

Well, turns out someone already made her one. It was NICE, too. Teensy tiny stitches with soft blue yarn with silver strands in it, teensy-tiny-tight boarders, not a missed stitch in it. My heart sank into her basement as she talked about how it took *insert name here* over four months to make it. She didn’t even seem too excited–or interested for that matter–that I’d offered to make her a blanket to match all her baby gear. She asked about where I’d get the yarn and I told her I would use superwash wool, the whole safety spiel, how easy it’d be to care for, but it’d cost me over $30 to make it. By this point she just seemed bored with me. She’s not a very domestic gal (she’s my age) and even the idea of being a mom isn’t exactly high on her list of thrills.

By the time we left the nursery, I’d hoped she’d forget about my offer. If my time, effort, and money isn’t going to be appreciated, I’m not going to bother. I had a hunch the blanket would never be used, especially with that fantastic blanket someone else had already made her. Anything I made would have been tossed in a Rubbermaid container and forgotten about in the basement somewhere. She asked if I made booties and I said no… just scarves, blankets, and hats. Her interest went completely out the window. :-/

Oh well, I have my nieces and nephew(s) to dote upon. At least the family acknowledges that each piece is made with love and dedication (along with the price of yarn). I know anything I make for them would be used and loved until the day it fell apart. So yeah… no blanket for that gal. I’ll just make stuff for the people I know will love and use what I make them rather than just act like it’s something I’m wasting my time on “because they sell stuff just like it at Wal-Mart!” She said that to me!!! Ugh… people these days.

Speaking of New Baby, Mis is supposed to find out on Tuesday what it is! Here’s hoping s/he doesn’t have its legs crossed!




One response

5 05 2008

That is an important lesson in crafting. Knowing who and when to craft for other people. The urge to make everything for everybody you know is strong…but not so practical. And it kinda sucks sometimes to realize your time and efforts won’t be appreciated the way they should be. I kinda had a similar experience. I saw this beautiful pattern for a knit scarf made out of light cotton yarn and the pattern knit up so that it looks like little tulips on the scarf. I thought, Boy what a good mother’s day gift for my mom. So I bought the yarn, printed the pattern, and realized that my mom is in the height of menopause and does NOT need a scarf in the spring (or really in the winter right now). Then, I thought I’ll make it for Justin’s mom. Oops..also in menopause. I haven’t seen either woman feel cold in about two years now. 😛 Oh well… at least I have some pretty cotton yarn.

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