Busy Day

9 05 2008

I’ve decided on how to decorate my cap for graduation. I’m going to print some small-ish leaves on it in green paint, then paint on it in yellow letters, “I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

It’s a Firefly/Serenity quote. If you’ve seen the movie, you know just how sad of a line that is. A small mostly-non-spoiler-ish can be found here. It’s a Quicktime video, though, so it might take a bit to load. It gives you the jist of why it’s an awesome quote… They land safely, btw, in case you were wondering. Wash really is… *sniffles* a leaf on the… *snifflesobsniffles* wiiiiiiiinnnnnndddd!!!! *open hysterics*

I love/hate that movie.




One response

9 05 2008

I think that is a fine way to decorate your cap. p.s. you do know the “leaf on a wind” bit was used in part of a neopets plot..right? lol

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