And So It Begins…

14 05 2008

I’m dying to make a bag. It’s gotten in my head, I’ve got the yarn and hooks, and I’ve got the absolute itch to make a bag. (I’l HAVE the absolute itch once I dive into that yarn, but that’s another story) I absolutely positively want a bag made by my own two hands.

I’ve looked at patterns for beginners. They’re not what I want at all. I’ve looked at more advanced ones and they contain more decoration and complication than I want. I love this pattern, but I dunno if I can do it… or have the patience to decode the pattern. As you know, patterns and I rarely get along. So far, I’ve only completed one successfully (but it was so easy, my niece could do it). The other I haven’t gotten around to completing, though. I need to…

Anyway, I’m sitting here pondering how to make a bag like this one. It can’t be THAT hard, can it? Two big rectangles with three small ones making up the sides an bottom… I can make rectangles. The straps will be the hard part, connecting them so they won’t rip off the first time I put a Dark Tower book in it. I’ll have to study this pattern and see how they did it.

I’m such a rebellious crocheter. I toss every pattern out the window and just dive in head-first… lol I guess it’s me getting in touch with my masculine side.

So yeah, expect LOTS of crochet-themed rants as I get started on this project. I have no idea where I’m going or how it’s going to turn out, but I can already tell it’s going to amuse everyone. 😀




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