It Has Begun

19 05 2008

I’ve made pretty good progress on my latest project, The Bag of Chance. I’ve got an awesome plan for how to piece it all together, which will require a trip to Wal-Mart for more of this one kind of yarn Haley gave me… Carron Soft Heather? I’d know it if I saw it, and I know our Wal-Mart carries it.

Okay, the idea in my head is a little-but-not-teensy messenger bag out of Red Heart Multis in banana berry (the blue-green one under the orange) trimmed and strapped (maybe) with the Carron Simply Soft. That is subject to change, however. I haven’t held the two together so what looks good in my head is sometimes far different from reality.

Also, since my search for a proper yarn tote as proven to be much more expensive than I thought it would be, Larry and I were tossing around ideas last night for ways to make one ourselves. I got the idea in my head to make a little compartment in my bag that will hold one skein of yarn. It’ll be made of one additional rectangle like the sides only inside the bag. I may top it with a small square with a “buton hole” in the middle, but not likely because it’s a tote, not a project holder. I’ve also considered putting in some “straps” that will hold the skein in place, parhaps with velcro so I can open and close the one strap side? Maybe a button?

I’m doing the front, back, and bottom with a K-hook in very tight single crochet. The sides… I’m thinking of doing them in a larger gauge (not huge, though) so that they’re flexible and can bend inwards when the bag isn’t loaded down with yarn and WIPs. I’ve been playing with my current piece and it’s flexible enough I suppose… we’ll see, though. It’s all guess-and-check, really. Plus this is my largest project to date and I’m excited about all this planning. 🙂

Like I said, it’s my bag of chance.




One response

20 05 2008

I think Red Heart is a good choice for bag projects because it isn’t going up against your skin and that acrylic is tough. It can be washed and dried and kicked and stretched and anything you can do to it, and it’ll still hold up. Just ya know…don’t get it near a flame. :PMy “yarn tote” is a bag that Sprint gave their employees. It’s just a big square canvas tote but it was made from 9 recycled plastic bottles.

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