Treasure Hunting in Wal-Mart

21 05 2008

Larry and I were shopping for supplies for my bag. After a few days of planning and getting estimates on non-yarn parts (like clear pvc pipe to put the yarn in), we pretty much concluded making a yarn tote was going to be a very this-is-gonna-cost-more-than-we-thought.

Well, we were looking around Wal-Mart at different bags. Funny enough, their craft section now carries various overly-priced (not to mention cheaply made) “craft totes,” but only one was cat-proof… and it looked like a pink suitcase with lost of pockets on the outside. :-/ So we looked at duffel bags, messenger bags, over-sized purses, and we’d almost given up on small luggage and were about to go look at diaper bags (zomgbbq the pockets!!!) when I noticed the “clearance rack.” Most of the stuff on it was the usual crappy over-priced accessories, but on the very bottom shelf in the very main back and under (almost literally) an inch of dust… was the Perfect Bag.

This bag is small, as wide as my purse but a little taller. It had all kinds of straps and pockets inside that will hold large and small skeins alike. There were all kinds of clear pockets that held even my gigantic Q-hook with ease without being too deep or too wide. There are pockets big enough for my small books of patterns and my bigger how-to-crochet book fits in perfectly with the yarn. There’s an additional deep pocket for my random bits of gear (like my digicam, wallet, etc.) and a tiny pocket on the outside that holds my cell phone like it was made for it…

Larry threw it in the cart for me and paid a mere $25 for it. While the rest of the purchased goods went into the trunk, my new yarn tote rode home in my lap. I felt like I was 8 years old again and just got the toy I always wanted.

Everything fits so perfectly in it! Not too big, not too bulky, just enough room for your average project. 😀 I am very, very, very pleased!

Pictures to come after I get all the dust off of it…




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