New Yarn Tote!!!

23 05 2008


This is my stash! I know… tiny, considering most, but that’s okay. I’ve got what I need. 😀


Here’s my stash, my WIP tote jug, my computer, and my giant purple notebook. ❤ All my favorite material posessions in one picture!


The front of my new tote bag… it’s a Protégé Personal Care Organizer from Wal-Mart. It’s got a small pocket there on the front for random goodies.


Both sides look like this. It didn’t come with a shoulder strap, but I plan on snagging one maybe off my kitty-cat bag or something. The pockets on either side are large enough for my celly! Yay!


The back pocket is really deep and has oodles of room for random stuff. This is my scarf hanging out of it.


The back, sans scarf.


Here’s where the fun starts! POCKETS!!! The entire top and front zips down to reveal a HUGE interior. I have two crochet books in it as well as all the yarn I might possibly want to use while traveling. (Karl is already inspecting the yarn… So THAT’S where you’re hiding it!)


Side view and revealing the other pouch that holds my afghan hook, Q-hook, and P-hook. (Karl’s pouting in the background because I shoo-ed him away)


Hooks and a tiny book of baby crochet/knitting projects.


The state of my bag right now with yarns, hook, and my tote-in-progress stuffed inside it.


All my yarns neatly tucked away in their straps and pockets with my WIP side/bottom of my tote in the bottom. 😀

I ❤ my yarn tote!

Ugh… my headache has returned and Satan Kid is BLASTING his music so loud that my desk is vibrating. Would someone please… please… please put either me or him our of our miseries?




One response

23 05 2008

Invest in some of those cheapy rubbery ear plugs. The kinds construction workers use… You squeeze ’em up in your fingers then they expand back out in your ears blocking the noise. Your project bag looks wonderful! That is some serious organization! My tote bag is just a square with a small pocket on the front that I never put anything in :P. You should crochet a strap for it! Out of black or pink…or a variegated black and pink! I think I saw pink on it…

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