BBQ Swap Part 2

28 06 2008

My partner got her package today and posted the pictures! *happy dance* She loved it, and I am so glad. I was terrified she’d hate what I got her. But she was happy, so I am happy… and here’s picture spammage!

Here’s the crochet book I got her.

She was thrilled with her hooks and needles. Turns out she needed this size/type of needles for a project she was starting, so yay for luck!

She also loves lemon pepper!

Naturally, she liked all the lemon pepper recipes to go with the sesoning.

Two awesome cook books, because she likes chicken and BBQ-ing.

Here’s a book of how to make leftovers pwn.

She loves hot spices, so I got her this with a tiny cook book (did I mention she collects cook books?).

Mmmmm, spicy redneck sauces! Yes, that’s John Boy and Billy grilling sauce. ^_~ lol

She loved the yarn tote! She’d bought one for a friend and wanted one for herself. Now she’s got one! lol

Here’s the yarn… Because of our store’s craptacular post-huge-sale selection, I couldn’t even get her cotton yarn. I had to get her baby acrylic. -_- She liked them, though, loved the colors and apparently makes lots of baby gifts with them. *shrugs* As long as she’s happy, so am I.

Here’s the hand-crafted hot pads I made her. She thought they were pot holders, lol. Whatever works for her. 🙂 One of them came out kinda crooked, though…

Last but not least, a gift for Scallywag, her puppy! It’s a rubber/squeaky bbq chicken leg and thigh! LOL

I think he liked the package best of all, lol.


The Day Has Come

27 06 2008

“…where I never thought of anyone quite as much as I think of yooo-ooo-ooooou.”

*ahem* Sorry ’bout that. Ancient Hanson song from their pre-puberty days. We’re talking pre-Mmmbop here.

But yes, the day has come where it’s official that my stash tote is too small. It might hold all my yarn, but will not hold all my yarn, books, needles, and projects anymore. 😦

I’ve packed up all my yarn-related goodies and had to put several things in my port-a-yarn (my traveling tote, lol kinda like a port-a-john… *ahem* anyway…). I am both pleased and saddened. Pleased because I’ve fallen this far into the Yarn Side of the Force, but sad because that poor tote has never had anything but yarn in it. We’d had it a long time before I got “hooked,” but it wouldn’t hold all of Larry’s comics. So all it’s had in it for any length of time has been a cat or two.

I guess now it will be a strictly yarn stash. I’ll prbly start storing my books on my desk, and my hooks will remain in the port-a-yarn. We’ll figure it out when we get there, though. Right now, I don’t even know where we’ll put the study.

I need a new layout… and a new picture. I have grown bored with my current ones.

Tai Chi Day One

27 06 2008

Today I took my first tai chi lesson. My instructor, Greg, wondered if I’d taken it before (I haven’t). He said I was a natural at it and moved more gracefully than he does. Larry agrees that I’m a natural at it.

Yeah, I’m walking pretty tall right now. ^_^ I like this tai chi business.

Another Day of Productivity

25 06 2008

Okay, in all honesty, I haven’t been as productive today as I was yesterday. *shrugs* Then again, what can compare to playing phone tag to get things turned on and off and switched to new locations?

I filled up my swap-buddy’s box last night. I put everything that would possibly be harmed by the potential disaster of the BBQ sauce breaking and put them in gallon sized Ziploc bags. I wrapped all fragile in newspapers, but I still worry. Only the book on crochet stitches (very much like the one Haley got me) wouldn’t fit into a baggie. I guess I just gotta hope for the best on that.

Anyway, it went out today and now the postal workers want to join swaps… only thing is, none of them yarn craft. *shrugs*

I haven’t packed a thing since Monday. We have a ton of boxes, though. The cats think we got the boxes for them so they’d have a kitty tower in the living room. Silly kitties…

I have a test tomorrow in Brit Lit that I reeeeeaaaaallllllly need to go study for. Anyone want to go take it for me?

Bleah… it’s gotta get done.

Nuttin But Strings

20 06 2008

Do you watch “America’s Got Talent?” I don’t, but after seeing these guys, I most likely will now.

Wow… good luck, boys! I want to see them win!

BBQ Swap Part 1

18 06 2008

I got my goodies from my swap partner! Wanna see?

Group shot!

Close-up part one… All the cotton yarn goes with the pattern she sent for an apron. The superwash wool is just awesome.

The bag of chocolates came open and melted on some of my stuff. I cleaned up most of it, but my white yarn looks a bit icky now. Oh well, I can always find more.

The crochet hook is quasi-flexible! Who knew? And I can’t wait to try out the spicy chocolate! Oh and “I Taught Myself Knitting” is one awesome gift. Kudos to her!

Here’s my mitt she hand-made!


And again, this time featured with my two freaked out cats and Larry’s now toy helicopter. That story is to come later.

Here’s my spices and sauces!

And here’s my yarn! 😀

Later I’ll post pictures of the swag I’m sending to my swap buddy. I have everything, just gotta get it boxed and sent. ^_~ I hope she likes “John Boy & Billy BBQ Sauce” or whatever it was called… lol I’m horrible, sending her all these redneck sauces like that, creole seasoning, some other kind of sauce… But she said she likes “southern bbq” and spices. lol Oh well, if she hates it, what can ya do?

With that, I need a nap.

ETA: It took Blogger long enough to let me post this blasted thing. I typed this up LONG before I did my one on Livejournal. :-/

A New Week

16 06 2008

This week is off to a better start.

I finished my BBQ-swap-buddy’s hand-made items yesterday. They look awesome and I’ve sworn to make more for mine and Larry’s new kitchen. I still need to buy her some more things before I send the package, though.

Bleah… so tired. It’s also storming outside, which makes me even sleepier.