My Bag of Chance

4 06 2008

I’m really excited. My Bag of Chance is nearing completion. I’m halfway done with the front of the bag. All I need to do now is assemble it and create a strap to carry it with… so it’s an easily portable bag, rather than an itchy rectangle with a flap. I’m really excited because other than my scarf, it’ll be an item for ME to use and carry around. Unlike my Perfect Scarf (funny enough, the weather warmed up when I finished it), my bag will be all-weather and all-season gear. This pleases me. ^_^

Today I need to go to the store and get a bunch of cotton yarn for my BBQ swap. I’m making her some place mats for bbqs. I figure cotton place mats are very portable, easy to wash, and won’t blow away in the wind like plastic ones will. Dunno how much yarn I’ll need, though… I probably need to look. You know me, though. When I get it in my head to make something, the pattern is the last thing I’m thinking of.

Raquel’s blanket yarn isn’t in yet. Poopy…

OH!!!!!! I forgot to blog last night about the big news. New Baby is a confirmed girl! I’m getting another little niece! 😀 This makes me very, very happy for reasons I can’t post here. But yeah, very happy about this news.

Ugh, don’t wanna go to school…




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