Christmas Comes Early (Sorta)

5 06 2008

I went to the post office today and had two yellow slips in my box. My graduation pictures were in, as was my yarn for Raquel’s blanket. I look awesome in my pictures. My yarn is even prettier than the picture (really dark purple).

I love superwash wool. I blame Haley for turning me on to it. It’s soft, warm, baby-safe, and easy to care for. It’s my ideal yarn, honestly. I’ve learned I can buy the white version off Knit Picks and dye it myself if I so choose. I plan on experimenting on some cheap yarn first sometime this summer. Maybe I’ll get luck and find some Goodwill goodies to frog and dye. ^_^

My friend Croushorn is failing to understand my new found obsession. He says I need to put my crochet/yarn time and efforts into guitar. I said at least my hobby is tangible and can potentially make me some money if I chose to sell my goods, unlike some people’s hobbies where guitarists are a dime a dozen. ;-D We’re very mean to each other sometimes, have been for years. He’s like a kid brother to me.

Oh, that girl who laughed at my crocheting? She was watching me earlier for a really long time with seemingly great interest. I plan on packing an extra hook and ball of scrap yarn with me in case she does it again. Maybe she’d like to learn. 🙂 I don’t know a lot (yet), but I can show her some basics to get her “hooked,” so to speak.

Well, time to go crochet some time away before Gender & Communication.




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