A Goat Story

30 07 2008

Here’s the short version of Bringing Home Goat Babies! Complete with pictures, and more to come.


I Have Goats!

30 07 2008

My goats are home and resting after a horrible trip home. We’re all safe and sound (praise God!), and tomorrow I will post pics at some point. Tomorrow is another insane day and I won’t be online until evening.

Be safe, be well, and thank God for being late once in a while!

Busy Day

29 07 2008

Today, I will aqquire 4 goats… 1 mommy, 1 daddy, and twin boys.

Today, I get the last of the repairs done on my car.

Today, I go goat-shopping as well as pizza-fixings shopping.

Today, I am a busy girl… but I am happy.

Btw, you guys totally need to do business with the Squoosh lady. Seriously, nice as she can be, and her yarn is so very, very pretty and lovely. <3<3<3<3 It’s costly, though… $22 for another skein of superwash wool sock yarn. Totally worth it, though, even if it was just knowing there’s still good online sellers left in the world.

Shawl Pics

28 07 2008

Here’s my shawl in its early stages.

My ancient stuffed bunny, Bu’Rabbit, holding my awesome book for cool crocheting girls.

Here he is, holding my page for me.

Last time I picked this up, I was starting row 6 (I think?) of 140. I have a really, really long way to go. Here’s my WIP laying on a king-sized pillow on the couch (I slept on the couch the other night due to back aches).

See what I mean? Teensy, tiny little stitches! That’s the E-hook I got from my BBQ Swap partner. It’s plastic and flexible, ideal for days when I’m utterly pissed off and need some stress crochet done.

This is what it’s supposed to look like when I’m done. I doubt I’ll do such a bold contrasting fringe, though. I’m thinking of doing it in the same color, and maybe not even as the book shows it… I’ve got lots of time to think about it, though.

Shawl In Progress

27 07 2008

I’m on row 6 of my 140 row shawl. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into… but I can’t really complain at all. I kinda like having a project to work on at my leisure without any rush to complete it. The pattern is shockingly simple, but the gauge is so tiny that it takes me a long time to finish a row. I wish I had a picture to show you what it will eventually look like… it’s got such tiny, tiny chains in it that make it very net-like.

The Squoosh lady said my yarn should be dyed sometime this week. I’m very excited. She’s really nice to do business with. 🙂 She has some beautiful yarn up for sale that I am positively drooling over. It’s in a color called “green apple” and sooooo beautiful! If I could knit, I would want green apple socks.

Question… what on earth are you supposed to do with a hank of yarn you’re working on? I began using mine and it’s the biggest pain to keep from tangling. I have to lay it carefully across my lap as I work, then I have to carefully twist it back into a hank-like shape before I put it back in my stash. I can’t take this project anywhere because of it. O_o Maybe if I put it in my hobo bag? I’d still be worried about it getting tangled.

I wonder what yarn ball rollers run for? I may ask for one of those (plus a sewing machine) for Christmas. *Googles it* Hmmmm, we’re looking at a $33-50 range here… I guess that’s not too bad.

Bleah, I’m sleepy. It’s been a long weekend.

Completion & Pics!!!

25 07 2008

AT LAST!!! My greatest invention is com-pleeeeee-ted!

*ahem* But yes, all Dexter’s Lab impressions aside, my Bag of Chance is fully assembled. I still don’t know how I’m going to go about making it hold its shape. Larry suggests spray starch. Others on Ravelry are devided between it and plastic… craft… thingies that have a real name that I can’t think of right now. I used them to learn cross stitching.

Anyway, here’s the ubar 1337 pixors!

My poor bag, stuffed with a wadded up king-sized sheet and a folded up beach towel. Yes, girls, I know… big damn bag. The original idea was for it to hold 6 skeins of yarn in specially crafted yarn containers. We wound up buying a yarn tote instead. The strap was too big as well, so I just tied it in a knot.

I love the colors!

It holds a LOT of stuff.

This is how the straps are held on… I promise, it’s a lot straighter than it looks. The bag is sitting lop-sided.

Here’s the back of my bag.

And of course, the side of the bag… not bad with the stitching, I think.

The strap is my favorite part. ❤

The bottom of the bag… poor lumpy thing.

Me, holding my bag.

Still holding my bag…

And finally, a close-up of the bag and the pretty pretty single crochet. ^_^ Okay, not THAT pretty, but it’s finished and isn’t half-bad looking.

A Small Start

24 07 2008

Yesterday, Larry got me a pair of gardening gloves for when I tinker in the flower bed. They were all on sale, but the $.80 ones were just too frumpy. He got me the green leather ones instead. They were marked down to $6. ^_^

I showed Larry the awesome new-to-me yarn department and all the magnificent yarns. I looked for my love-at-first-sight yarn, but either it wasn’t there, or it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was. I saw some very much like it, but it was… weird looking. Like fuzzy yarn handled by greasy hands. That wasn’t how I remembered it. :-/

Oh well, the good news is that Larry spotted the wool yarn (Lion Brand!!!) and some acrylic we first mistook for moehair (it’s made to look/feel like it) that was pretty. There was also some very pretty pink chunky yarn I thought was beautiful… though I don’t understand my recent facination with it. Either way, it was beautiful.

I finished the strap to my Bag of Chance last night. Today I will attach it to the bag and see how it looks. I may go do that here in a few minutes… Then we’ll see where we stand as far as getting it to hold its shape like it should.

Also last night, I decided my next project will in fact be a shawl. I admired the one in the book Adrielle gave me, but I only have one skein of yarn that’s as fine as the one they used, which is my blue-silver superwash I got from the BBQ swap. I’m not entirely for sure I have enough for a shawl… it’s worth looking into, though. I’ll see how much I need, and if I need more, see where I can get some. It’s such a pretty color! I originally wanted to use my purple superwash, but I don’t know how a shawl would look with worsted weight… I doubt this particular pattern would look very good with it.

As always, I’m off on another adventure. ^_^

Edit to Add: Hmmm, 430 yards should be enough, shouldn’t it? Because… they’ve discontinued this color!!! *cries*