Recap of Last Night

16 07 2008

While Paul and Larry were plumbing, they had the bedroom’s bathroom window open because Paul smokes. Well, when they went to work elsewhere in the house, they left the window open and BOTH Cringer and Karl got out!!! I had no idea until I went into the kitchen and Cringer was strutting around like he owned the place. I put him back in the bedroom and looked for Karl, but he was gone.

I about had a heart attack.

We looked all in the house, but couldn’t find him. It was concluded the cats had climbed out the window and Cringer had came back in the kitchen door (which was open because there’s no a/c in the rest of the house). We went outside and Larry found Karl under a huge bush in our yard next to the neighbor’s fence. I called and called, but he didn’t come out, so I went to get the car keys so we could have some headlights.

When I came out, Larry and Paul had followed Karl behind the house. He was trying to jump back into the window he jumped out of. I called for him, so he didn’t bolt and run (I thought he would). I scooped him up and brought him back inside.

Our rule of all cats wearing jingle bell collars while company is over has been reinstated by Fur-Mother Superior.

In other news, I grow tired of this layout and must find a new one later.




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