A Small Start

24 07 2008

Yesterday, Larry got me a pair of gardening gloves for when I tinker in the flower bed. They were all on sale, but the $.80 ones were just too frumpy. He got me the green leather ones instead. They were marked down to $6. ^_^

I showed Larry the awesome new-to-me yarn department and all the magnificent yarns. I looked for my love-at-first-sight yarn, but either it wasn’t there, or it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was. I saw some very much like it, but it was… weird looking. Like fuzzy yarn handled by greasy hands. That wasn’t how I remembered it. :-/

Oh well, the good news is that Larry spotted the wool yarn (Lion Brand!!!) and some acrylic we first mistook for moehair (it’s made to look/feel like it) that was pretty. There was also some very pretty pink chunky yarn I thought was beautiful… though I don’t understand my recent facination with it. Either way, it was beautiful.

I finished the strap to my Bag of Chance last night. Today I will attach it to the bag and see how it looks. I may go do that here in a few minutes… Then we’ll see where we stand as far as getting it to hold its shape like it should.

Also last night, I decided my next project will in fact be a shawl. I admired the one in the book Adrielle gave me, but I only have one skein of yarn that’s as fine as the one they used, which is my blue-silver superwash I got from the BBQ swap. I’m not entirely for sure I have enough for a shawl… it’s worth looking into, though. I’ll see how much I need, and if I need more, see where I can get some. It’s such a pretty color! I originally wanted to use my purple superwash, but I don’t know how a shawl would look with worsted weight… I doubt this particular pattern would look very good with it.

As always, I’m off on another adventure. ^_^

Edit to Add: Hmmm, 430 yards should be enough, shouldn’t it? Because… they’ve discontinued this color!!! *cries*




One response

25 07 2008

You can use worsted weight for a shawl, it just won’t look as fine and light. Check the ravelry pattern search for shawls in worsted weight (by clicking the choices on the left side of “browse patterns”) and that should show up some. I know the Seraphina Shawl is crochet and uses worsted weight…. hmmm. Worth looking into. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seraphinas-shawlMe? I’m so into the Batshawl on http://www.theanticraft.com http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wa-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-bat-shawl

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