Completion & Pics!!!

25 07 2008

AT LAST!!! My greatest invention is com-pleeeeee-ted!

*ahem* But yes, all Dexter’s Lab impressions aside, my Bag of Chance is fully assembled. I still don’t know how I’m going to go about making it hold its shape. Larry suggests spray starch. Others on Ravelry are devided between it and plastic… craft… thingies that have a real name that I can’t think of right now. I used them to learn cross stitching.

Anyway, here’s the ubar 1337 pixors!

My poor bag, stuffed with a wadded up king-sized sheet and a folded up beach towel. Yes, girls, I know… big damn bag. The original idea was for it to hold 6 skeins of yarn in specially crafted yarn containers. We wound up buying a yarn tote instead. The strap was too big as well, so I just tied it in a knot.

I love the colors!

It holds a LOT of stuff.

This is how the straps are held on… I promise, it’s a lot straighter than it looks. The bag is sitting lop-sided.

Here’s the back of my bag.

And of course, the side of the bag… not bad with the stitching, I think.

The strap is my favorite part. ❤

The bottom of the bag… poor lumpy thing.

Me, holding my bag.

Still holding my bag…

And finally, a close-up of the bag and the pretty pretty single crochet. ^_^ Okay, not THAT pretty, but it’s finished and isn’t half-bad looking.




3 responses

25 07 2008

Way to go TEAM JAN!!! It looks great!! And if you cared to carry it with the strap on the opposite shoulder (so that it crosses your chest) the strap is a great length. The colors look great and the whole thing is just great!On the holding it together bit, starch will give it some extra stiffness but for real sturdiness that isn’t going to stretch it out over time, definitely go with those plastic holey needlepoint thingies. They’re tougher and stronger than just starch.

25 07 2008

Also, if you’re feeling extra crafty, sew a fabric lining into it. It won’t make it sit up perfectly square but it will help add some sturdiness to the bag when it’s full of stuff and you’re lugging it around. I also dig the contrast color used for sewing up the seams. Nice detail.p.s. I really miss dexter’s lab. I wish I owned it.

25 07 2008
the swashbuckling gwendolyn smythe

J-A-N is T-A-M!Looks soooo cute! Imagine how much you would have to pay for a bag like that somewhere!

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