Digitally Inspired

29 08 2008

I have to admit, this switching to WP thing has been awesome for me creatively-speaking. I love my layout and can’t wait to make new headers for it. I also spent a long time yesterday talking to a friend of mine about my story and what to do with one of my characters. It was some serious fun times.

I think my friend wants a WP now… and an awesome her-story-related header. ^_^ lol I blame Haley for starting this madness.

New goat pictures on Facebook!


Work in Progress

28 08 2008

I finally have my header completed. Yesterday, I wanted a Halloween layout, but I got to thinking… since I’m supposed to start working on my story soon and have it done in 1001 days, I need all the inspiration I can get. I used one of the DeviantArt pictures I found to inspire me as my header with some random quote I made up off the top of my head.

“…and thus Jadiera Alatarial Steele was betrayed.”

The death of Jade is a huge deal in the story I’m planning on writing over the course of my 1001 days. She’s the key character in the story before it (I know, I’m weird writing the second book of a trilogy first), and because of her death, many lives change and not so much for the better.

So yeah, I figure I get something spooky for Halloween along with something motivational. After all, my story begins with Jade’s death. Later on as I progress in the story, I’ll change my header to more relavent parts. For now, we’ll start at the beginning.

WordPress n00b

27 08 2008

I’m still figuring this site out. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to take me a lot longer than I’d thought to create a layout. I want a Halloween themed one because I saw Wal-Mart was putting their goods out yesterday. Never mind Big Lots has had their stuff out since July… Mwah-haha!

We shall see, though. Today, I lack the patience to fool with it, and my goats need tending to. This monsoon we’re having thanks to Hurricaine Whomever has upset our balance greatly.

Hello world!

26 08 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Edit: This is me editing my “first post.” I’m not going to delete it because it amuses me that WordPress posted this for me. ^_^


23 08 2008

I had conflicting goals in my list. Daily blogs are impossible if I’m going without internet on certain days for two months. I’ve therefore amended my goal list so that I will make weekly blog posts rather than daily.

Besides, I think I’ll be posting near-daily anyway, knowing me. I love to blog about my life, lol. ^_^

My goats are acting very much like dogs. They are happiest when I’m hanging out with them. They freak out when the food dish is filled. The babies follow me TO the can of food while I fill the dishes. Jasper will now follow me through the pen’s gate so he can have first dibs on the food. Jack hasn’t figured it out yet.

My mom wants pygmy goats. She thinks they’re just the coolest things since the domesticated cat. She’s more or less called dibs on Zoe’s next set of kids the second they’re weaned, lol. I love my mom. She’s as animal crazy as I am. 😀

I haven’t seen Hannah since I took pictures of her. I can’t help but wonder if she has kittens somewhere. :-/ That would explain why she was so thin. I didn’t feel/see her underside, though, so I dunno. I hope she comes back.

Harry thinks the baby goats are really ugly cats. He tries to play with them and it freaks them out when he pounces them. Zoe doesn’t like it, either, lol.

Cringer and Karl have been snuggle babies most of the day. I think Cringer laid in my lap well over an hour this morning. It was really sweet. Karl has slept in my arms or at least beside me the last two nights.

And I’m STILL taking care of Mis and Robert’s stupid dog. They haven’t decided when they’re coming home, either. *gurrr*

And that’s pretty much it down on Jan-Jan’s farm.

As the Farm Grows

21 08 2008

Mis and Robert’s long lost (long abandoned ship) cats have returned. First, Harry the tomcat showed back up, skinny as a rail and as high strung as they come. He’s put weight on and loves to be scratched between his ears. He also loves hanging out with the goats.

Today, Hannah the calico showed back up. Sadly, she’s not as friendly as she used to be. She’s very skittish, but friendlier than Harry was. She’s also very skinny. We knew she was staying at the neighbor’s house, but we thought she was being taken care of. 😦 She hasn’t been.

Mis has said some very… negative things about the two cats in the past, so I’ve already decided to take them with us when we move. I knew we’d be taking Harry, but I thought Hannah had a good home. Since I now know otherwise, she’s coming, too.

My future farm now has four pygmy goats, two inside cats, and two outdoor cats (one of which will definitely be a barn cat).

Harry is eating out of the dish while Hannah looks around. Excuse the mess on the porch… It’s still a mess due to the repairs in the kitchen. It’s also where I keep my goats’ straw and trashcan full of feed.

Edit: Speaking of goats, I also need to buy another doghouse. It’s almost time for Zoe to go into season (in heat), and since pygmy goats can breed as early as 7-8 weeks and my babies are 9-almost-10 weeks, I have to separate them. :-/ That’s not going to go over very well with the herd.

One Step Closer to the Beginning

20 08 2008

My list of 101 goals has been posted. I still don’t know when I will begin, but hopefully it will be soon. We’ll see. 🙂 Right now, I’m just pleased I got my list finished.

On a farm-note, Frank and Zoe are getting better about being led on a leash. They aren’t going to win any trophies at the fair or anything, but it’s progress. Three weeks ago, they would freak out and try to run or not move at all. I plan on teaching Jack and Jasper to walk on a leash soon, so they’ll be ready when they grow up to be tied out like Frank and Zoe are… Well, hopefully we’ll have a fence either before we move or at our new place when we eventually move. Then I won’t have to tie any of them out.

I think it’d be cute to walk my goats like dogs. You know, up and down the holler? lol That would be fun in theory, but I don’t know how well it would work. We’ll stick with “walking up and down the over-grown driveway” for now.

Other than that, not too much to report.