Goat Pics

3 08 2008

I’ve already posted these on Facebook, but what the heck… here’s a few just to have here!

This is our billy, who isn’t named yet. He’s gentle, but likes to make himself seem meaner than he really is. When Zoe (mommy) puts her hoof down, you can just see him hang his head as if to say, “Yes, dear.” *giggles*

Here’s Zoe and Jack with the billy hanging out behind them. Zoe is good natured and friendly, but you do NOT mess with her babies. She will freak out like nobody’s business.

Here’s Jack, nibbeling on dry maple leaves. He’s the adventurous baby who was the first to climb up on the dog house and the first to come up to me and check me out. He’s also starting to try to fight back when the billy pushes him around.

This is Jasper, the one Haley helped me name. ^_^ He’s very shy and timid, and the least little thing scares him to death. His fur is so soft that I wondered if we hadn’t picked up someone else’s goat. Both babies are about 7 weeks old now.

Goat butts!!! lol Apparently, they’re “shunning” me because I’m a “new member of the herd.” They don’t do it so much now.




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