What Shawl?

5 08 2008

I think I have a shawl I was working on at some point… It’s laying around here somewhere.

The last week and few days have been insane. I haven’t had time, and when I have, I’ve filled it with The Sims 1 or cruising the boards on Ravelry. I recently joined a group called Random Acts of Kindness and I’ve already found two people to help out, which made me pretty happy. I’ve also been stiring up lots of conversations (in a good way) on Goat Devoted. Don’t laugh, I needed somewhere to go to ask my upteenzillion questions.

And Cringer is laying on my arms again.

My niece, Chrissy, wants me to make her a blanket and pillow for her (like-new) American Girl doll. I promised to crochet her some, but I also had visions of doll beds dancing in my head, complete with sheet sets, pillows, and comforter. I really can’t wait until I get a sewing machine… and for Chrissy to get a doll bed. lol Talk about living through someone, which I swore I’d never do, but I guess there’s no harm in making sure her zomgbestdollevah is properly spoiled pampered.

Bleah, gotta go get ready and run errands.




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