Dyeing Update

14 08 2008

I have dyed yarn! Okay, so I admit… I didn’t follow the rules to the letter. Let’s hope I don’t regret it later on. O_o I wanted three-color yarn (red, orange, yellow), but there wasn’t a single tutorial on Jell-O dyeing that told me how, especially not by using the microwave.

Right now, my yarn is in the water/Dawn cycle, sitting in a big pot on the counter. It LOOKS like it came out perfectly. Only the drying-over-night process will tell. I read that by “shocking” your yarn by putting it hot in cold water can felt it… whoops. I don’t think it’s felting. It looks like yarn to me.

So I’ve spent about an hour and a half dyeing yarn. Now I’m cooking spaghetti. Weird.

“Tutorial” or “How the Heck She Did It!” to come tomorrow! 😀

Edit 1: I just realized I made Jayne Cobb yarn without even thinking about it… *blush* Oopsies.

Edit 2: My yarn didn’t felt. It is worsted yarn. I think it might be a tad fuzzier than it was when I bought it, but I can’t complain because I did boil it after all. I was a bit fuzzy, too. But yes, my yarn is nearly dry after about 2 hours of hanging on the porch. The bottom is kinda soggy still, but I figure by morning, I’ll have yarn!!!

Seriously folks, that was so much fun! I want to do it again!




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14 08 2008

Yay Team Jan!!

14 08 2008

Yay Team Jan!!

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