Still Considering

17 08 2008

I’m still thinking about doing my own 101 in 1001. I’m just not brave enough yet to decide what my goals are. Seriously, other than losing weight, my goals are very rarely long-term… Unless it’s “get a hair cut next month” or “prepare Goodwill donation trip,” my goals are pretty few and far between. Long-term goals are usually “plans.”

Perhaps I will make a list and begin it at the beginning of September… or October.

I need to find a knitting pattern to attempt, like a dishcloth or something. I also need a pattern that will work with my two lonely sets of needles. See, my awesome little “I Taught Myself to Knit” kit came with all kinds of knitting goodies like hooks and easy patterns. Only thing is, none of the patterns that are for n00bs like me call for the needles that came with the kit. Brilliant idea, huh?

(Hmmm, I wonder what size those needles are? But my bag is alllllll the way over there on the bed, a full eight feet away!!!)

Maybe “successfully knit a square that could possibly be a dishcloth” could be a goal… lol Or I could knit more gear for Bun-Bun, like I did with my first few attempts at crochet.




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