Wheeee, Scarves!

25 09 2008

I may have mentioned before that I’m making a bunch of scarves as Christmas gifts. I’m currently working on one for Nana, since she’s the most important recipient. 🙂 It’s so very pretty, and it’ll match her winter coat. It’s also really soft, so every few minutes, I have to rub it against my face.

I’ve never worked with chunky yarn before, so it’s been interesting, to say the least.

Next, I’ll work on the Gryffindor Scarf for Oaksy. I don’t have a crochet pattern for one that doesn’t suck, so once again, I’ll make it up as I go. How hard can it be? Make about 10-15 rows of red, switch to 10-15 rows of gold, switch back to red… add red and gold fringes and there you have it!

Fun times. ^_^

P.S. I haven’t washed my car yet… Neighbors suck.


A List of Thoughts

25 09 2008

1) I make my crochet stitches ridiculously tight. I really need to work on this… it annoys me to no end.

2) Nuttin But Stringz may become my new musical obsession. Not quite of the Hanson variety. More like when I first got into System of a Down.

3) I want to explore downtown Paintsville… just because I’ve never been over that way. I may find neat things there.

4) Trillian messenger blows. Larry likes it, but I can’t get it to work.

5) Zoe is back in season. She and Frank are very chatty, so to speak… I wish he’d just hurry up and knock her up.

6) I was offered a pygmy goat buckling for free… but I have too many bucks as is. O_o I need more does!!!

7) Tomorrow, I will wash my car. Only rain or temperatures below 70 will stop me.

8) I’m hungry… and didn’t really think of it til just now. I’ve only eaten part of a bowl of (dry) cereal and half a bowl of Ramen (it was too soggy). I doubt ice cream counts as food. I think I’ll go microwave some corndogs. *nom nom nom*

Is Confused

18 09 2008

I don’t understand why every pattern I look at for the project I want uses Red Heart. Is that the ONLY BRAND to carry the colors I need?! I don’t understand, folks… What is the fascination with Red Heart?

I’m going to make a Gryffindor scarf for Larry’s friend Oaksy for Christmas. He asked me to make him a Weasley sweater, but I can’t knit yet. A scarf will have to do. Larry thinks Oaksy will never take it off, lol.

Oh well… off to find the perfect shades of scarlet and gold!

Yay For Frank!

17 09 2008

Frank is out foraging today!!! His head is upright and he’s got the slightest of sway to him when he walks. He takes careful steps, but they’re straight and he doesn’t stagger/stumble. And he’s foraging!!!

I am one very happy goat herder.

I also slept 12 glorious hours last night. That is also happy news.

Frank's Troubles

14 09 2008

Thursday, Frank wasn’t acting right. He was laying around, leaning against things, and had no interest in foraging with the others. He would eat his hay and grain, but that was it. Being the overly-protective Furmama that I am, I called the vet and described what was going on. The vet thought it was a bad case of worms and told me to come in and pick up some dewormer for the goats. When Larry got home, we medicated that goats and hoped for the best.

The next day, Frank was no better. He seemed worse. He staggered, his head was tilted and against his side. He would flinch when I would touch him and attempt to run away. He would barely eat and I never saw him drink. I became really worried and called the vet, who said if Frank didn’t act better to bring him in first thing in the morning. That evening, Frank’s stagger became worse. He could barely stand. I was terrified it was a vitamin B deficiency, which can kill a goat within 24-72 hours if untreated. I called the vet again, who was out of the office, and left a message.

First thing Saturday, Larry and I took Frank and the babies to the vet (the babies went to see about banding). A very long wait and long story later, the vet concluded Frank had contracted a virus through a scratch in the mouth, which then attacked his nervous system. He gave Frank three shots and gave three more to be taken today. He said Frank may or may not fully recover. He isn’t contagious and there was nothing we could have done to prevent it.

After a few hours, Frank began perking up. He was standing a bit better and wasn’t staggering as much. He would let me touch him again. His head wasn’t as cockeyed anymore. He began eating some hay. He ate some maple leafs from my hand before I went to bed. We hoped he would make it through the night.

Today, Frank is acting much better. He leans a little and his head is still a little to one side. He walks steadier and barely staggers. He’s eating hay really well, too. He’s still laying down more than usual, but not like he’s dying. It’s more like he’s really, really tired and is resting.

Earlier, he wagged his tail when he saw me coming to the pen. I nearly cried I was so happy.

He took his shots like a real trooper with little fuss. I think he knows we’re trying to help him get better. He’s still not back to his old self, but he’s recovering well. I’m so happy, and I’m so proud of him for being such a trooper, fighting this off like he is. 🙂

Frank Aaron Presley may make a full recovery yet!

Explaining Crochet and Knitting

9 09 2008

This past weekend, Larry and I joined his friend Greg, his girlfriend Karen, and her son Zhane on a boating/picnic trip. As per my custom, I took my yarn tote with me.

“Does she ever go anywhere without that thing?” Greg asked Larry.

“Nope,” said Larry.

Zane (15 and VERY intelligent) was fascinated with yarn, yarn dyeing, knitting, and crochet. He asked me oodles of questions, which I answered the best I could. Then he asked me the difference between crochet and knitting. He understood the tools were different, but didn’t understand how the products could be different.

I whipped out a book with crochet and knitting patterns for baby items in it. I pointed to a picture of two blankets. One was done in crochet, the other in knitting. The blankets were very similar, but of course, you could tell the difference. As I tried to put it into words, Zane beat me to it.

“Oh, I get it!” he exclaimed. “Knitting looks like a more solid fabric while crochet gives it a more hazy look.”

I told you he was smart. ^_^

Hat Making

8 09 2008

It seems like I’m most productive with yarn when I’m upset or stressed out. When Bubby was in the hospital that last time, I cranked out a baby blanket and a scarf. Now with the drama with Larry’s other sister (not Bubby’s mommy), I’ve taken back up the hook and yarn to make a hat for my favorite–and only–nephew.

Someone (politely) commented in a yarn dying group on Ravelry that my hand-dyed yarn “may not knit up very well” because I didn’t make it in a smaller skein when I dyed it. As with most criticism, I’m making the best of it. The hat IS coming out a little weird in color patterns, but I figure we’ll call it “urban camo” and be done with it. Besides, Bubby isn’t even two yet and he likes anything that’s a hat or that’s in bright colors. He seems especially fond of yellow items.

Pictures coming soon, but right now, I’m keeping my camera handy in case of drama while Larry’s sister moves out. Well, IF she ever moves out… It’s already 3 p.m. and no one’s heard from her.