I Has The Sad

2 09 2008

I should have balled my yarn before I began my shawl, but I didn’t. Last night, it became so tangled, I was forced to frog my project in order to ball my yarn. I was very, very distraught by this. I was on row 10-going-on-11. I had no idea I’d used that much yarn that far in until I frogged it…

So yeah, I get to start over. This time, I’m going to up my hook size. I think my gauge was off anyway.

I’m thinking about giving the shawl to my mom. She went nuts over the colors. It’d be perfect for her to wear during UK games. *ponders* Only problem is, she gets really itchy when she wears wool. It’s not like a bad allergy or anything, just a major annoyance. I wonder if superwash wool will be the same? She said feeling the yarn didn’t bother her, though. She had no idea it was wool until I told her. She’s used to itchy wool.

Tomorrow, I’m baby-sitting Chrissy.  I’ll have plenty of time to kill before she gets home so I can work on it.




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