A List of Thoughts

25 09 2008

1) I make my crochet stitches ridiculously tight. I really need to work on this… it annoys me to no end.

2) Nuttin But Stringz may become my new musical obsession. Not quite of the Hanson variety. More like when I first got into System of a Down.

3) I want to explore downtown Paintsville… just because I’ve never been over that way. I may find neat things there.

4) Trillian messenger blows. Larry likes it, but I can’t get it to work.

5) Zoe is back in season. She and Frank are very chatty, so to speak… I wish he’d just hurry up and knock her up.

6) I was offered a pygmy goat buckling for free… but I have too many bucks as is. O_o I need more does!!!

7) Tomorrow, I will wash my car. Only rain or temperatures below 70 will stop me.

8) I’m hungry… and didn’t really think of it til just now. I’ve only eaten part of a bowl of (dry) cereal and half a bowl of Ramen (it was too soggy). I doubt ice cream counts as food. I think I’ll go microwave some corndogs. *nom nom nom*




One response

25 09 2008

How can ramen noodles be too soggy? Aren’t they in a soup? Interesting.

By the way… the James Gang is waay better than Nuttin but Stringz. 😛

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