25 10 2008

I don’t know if it’s perfectionism or just an unwillingness to accept anything but my best, but I have frogged (or partially frogged) Oaksy’s scarf about 15 times already. It’s very aggravating that I can’t crochet a short straight line, like the width of a scarf. However, if I do the length of the scarf, it comes out fine. O_o Wtf is up with that?

But yeah, it frusterates me.


Oh My…

17 10 2008

I really need to count my stitches as I crochet. I somehow went from a row of 21 to a row of 17. O_o Oops…

And that’s about all I’ve got for an update.

Good Idea Fail

12 10 2008

We have this microwave stand that belongs to Karen, used to be used by Shaunna, who was hellbent on making this move as difficult as possible for us. Namely, by stealing every cabinet knob/handle in the house. So the microwave stand has been closed and refused to open by any means I may have tried.

Today, I decided it WOULD open today and we would be able to use it from now on. After several attempts, much vulgarity, and What Would McGyver Do? later, I got it opened! *happy dance* Only thing was the fear of it shutting again and being unable to separate it from the magnets within again… So I crafted two lovely handles out of braided cotton yarn, a couple of metal nuts left over from our old futon, and a poultry spear-tie of some variety.

My handles were a huge success at opening the doors, even when completely shut! They also matched my kitchen colors. ^_^ Larry was pleased at my craftiness and wondered if I would make a handle for the drawer that was stuck as well. He jimmied the drawer open for me…

And there were the handles for the entire stand, complete with hardware and instructions.

Oh, well. :-/

Newest Scheme

12 10 2008

I would love to dye more of my own yarn. I’d also like to sell it on Etsy and at local festivals. Only thing is, I can’t find a good place to buy wool yarn in bulk at a cheap price. Then again, I’ve not looked too terribly hard…

But yes, I want to experiment with more yarn dyeing, especially with Jell-O. From what I’ve read about other dyes, they stink and stain your cookware. I don’t like the sound of that. But yeah, I think it’d be fun to do. ^_^

I’m also seconds away from an allergy coma.

Resistance is Futile

9 10 2008
Resistance is Futile

Resistance is Futile

Guess who has me wrapped around her little claws? Her name is Sarah, and she’s the kitten I’m taming for my six-year-old niece.

Change of Plans

6 10 2008

I’m no longer making scarves for Larry’s relatives. They’ve (finally) decided to draw names this year. Nana still gets her’s, though, since she’s uber-special! 🙂

Only thing is, now I have a bunch of yarn I don’t need in colors I’m not that crazy about. Anyone want to trade for some yellow or black yarn? ^_~

She's Got Da Hook

3 10 2008

I keep sinking into promised hand-crafted gift debt. Yup… granted, these are just scarf requests, but still!

1 purple scarf for Nana
5 scarves of various colors for various relatives
1 Gryffindor scarf for Oaksy
1 Hufflepuff scarf for EdwArd

Granted, the one for EdwArd can be late if need be. We’ll probably get Nana something to go with her scarf, so it’d be best if it wasn’t late. The others? On time, no questions asked because these relatives are very, very hard to buy for. A scarf that’s hand-crafted is the only gift they can’t possibly complain about.We’ll most likely get them a little something to go with the scarf, but the scarf is the big thing.

We have a LOT of people to buy for. A $10 limit per person is still going to break us up. We figure a $5 skein of yarn, plus work effort, plus a little something extra would about equal our limit. Right?