She's Got Da Hook

3 10 2008

I keep sinking into promised hand-crafted gift debt. Yup… granted, these are just scarf requests, but still!

1 purple scarf for Nana
5 scarves of various colors for various relatives
1 Gryffindor scarf for Oaksy
1 Hufflepuff scarf for EdwArd

Granted, the one for EdwArd can be late if need be. We’ll probably get Nana something to go with her scarf, so it’d be best if it wasn’t late. The others? On time, no questions asked because these relatives are very, very hard to buy for. A scarf that’s hand-crafted is the only gift they can’t possibly complain about.We’ll most likely get them a little something to go with the scarf, but the scarf is the big thing.

We have a LOT of people to buy for. A $10 limit per person is still going to break us up. We figure a $5 skein of yarn, plus work effort, plus a little something extra would about equal our limit. Right?




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