Good Idea Fail

12 10 2008

We have this microwave stand that belongs to Karen, used to be used by Shaunna, who was hellbent on making this move as difficult as possible for us. Namely, by stealing every cabinet knob/handle in the house. So the microwave stand has been closed and refused to open by any means I may have tried.

Today, I decided it WOULD open today and we would be able to use it from now on. After several attempts, much vulgarity, and What Would McGyver Do? later, I got it opened! *happy dance* Only thing was the fear of it shutting again and being unable to separate it from the magnets within again… So I crafted two lovely handles out of braided cotton yarn, a couple of metal nuts left over from our old futon, and a poultry spear-tie of some variety.

My handles were a huge success at opening the doors, even when completely shut! They also matched my kitchen colors. ^_^ Larry was pleased at my craftiness and wondered if I would make a handle for the drawer that was stuck as well. He jimmied the drawer open for me…

And there were the handles for the entire stand, complete with hardware and instructions.

Oh, well. :-/




2 responses

13 10 2008

*snort* ahahahahahaaaaa! That’s so funny. And typical. šŸ˜›

13 10 2008

Oh and you should totally keep the yarn knobs anyway. That would be way cooler.

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