Counting Down to Christmas

20 12 2008

I’m exhausted, but everyone now has a gift I’m quite certain they will love.  Everything is wrapped except for Nana’s necklace and scarf, Haley’s and Adrielle’s presents (which will be mailed Monday), and Oaksy’s scarf… which will be finished tonight (I hope).

The goats have an awesomely clean pen now. If any of my dear readers desire to have goats, let me share with you two words: Ceader Chips. They are the Glade Plug-Ins of the goat world.

Have any of you been following the Caylee Anthony story? I’ve been following off and on since July, but really hardcore about a week before they found the remains. I was afraid it was her… but I think everyone knew deep down that there was no way  she could be alive. 😦 It made me so sad to hear them confirm it was her, though.

Sad, sad times, my friends.


Wow, Wal-Mart

15 12 2008

While the in-store selection is pitiful at best, Wal-Mart has recently added omgwtfbbq amounts to their new-to-me craft section on their website. They took away my wool in-store, but now they carry Lion Brand sock yarn on their website. What other goodies to they carry for everyone’s favorite rural dwelling goat herder?

  • Ball winders
  • Crochet hook case (okay, not that impressive, but stay with me folks!)
  • A book that guides  you in making granny squares
  • Knitting (read: yarn) totes
  • Yarn yardage counters
  • Other stuff that I have no clue what it’s used for!

I’m quite cheered by this discovery. Now to investigate the sewing section and see what else I am missing out on. ❤ lol I know, I’d be better off buying from a real craft store, but it tickles me that Wal-Mart is branching out a little in favor of the yarn crafters.

I can’t wait until I live somewhere where I don’t have to rely on Wal-Mart for everything.

Digging the New WP

8 12 2008

I like this new WordPress look. I also like how the homepage was snowing. That was cute. I also like the new Gmail themes. I can tell what it’s like outside just by checking my inbox, lol. Okay, not really, but at least I can get fair warning that it’s raining.

Today I plan on sitting down and crocheting like my life depends on it. I have a lot of work to do. Granted, I already warned two recipients that their gifts would most likely be post-Christmas, and they were fine with that (yay!). Another one doesn’t even know she’s getting it, so no rush there. Oaksy’s scarf MUST be completed soon, though.

Sad story… I watched Harry Potter 1 the other day on ABC Family and saw their pretty knitted scarves. It made me sad because the one I’m making doesn’t look like them. They’re crocheted and done in bulky homespun, not in a pretty smaller weight. :-/ Oh well, I’m working with what I have (read: what was at Wal-Mart) and doing what I can (read: crocheting). That’s gotta count for something, right?


Gifts? What Gifts?

4 12 2008

I ought to be working on my crafted Christmas gifts. Yet every time I look at the scarf that needs finished, I sigh heavily, and find something else to do. I have three others that need started as well. Two are solid colors. One is striped. I may not even worry about that one anyway. I don’t even have an address to send it to even after asking for the person’s address. Sadness… oh well.

Maybe tonight, I’ll pop some movies in and get to work. I always crochet the best when I’m watching movies.

I tried crocheting a Neopet for the random contest. It didn’t turn out so well, so I frogged him. I was shooting for a purple Jubjub. Instead, I got a purple yamaka looking thing. Just as well, since I had no orange yarn.

I can still admire Nana’s scarf, though. It’s pretty. *snuggles it*

Larry’s got me addicted to another comic series. It’s called “Invincible,” and it’s written, drawn, published, et all up in Lexington. It’s wonderfully written. ❤ Too bad I’m all caught up and now I have to wait like everyone else for new issues. *gurrr*

My current (comic) reading list is as follows:

  1. Fables
  2. Jack of Fables
  3. Madam Xanadu (they better start making this one suck less before I drop it)
  4. The Boys
  5. Invincible
  6. The Gunslinger (I think we’re on the third set of these)

I wish “Y: The Last Man” hadn’t ended… or at least, hadn’t ended like it did. *head desk* Did you know they’re making three movies out of it? And every last one of them will star Shia LaBeouf in them. I could cry. Of all the people in the world who could play Yorick, WHY HIM?!?!?!?! I guess since he’s the new Johnathan Taylor Thomas and everyone wants to see any piece of crap movie he’s in…

Speaking of crap, Indiana Jones 4 totally sucked. George Lucas needs his shins kicked.

With that, I digress. I need a shower and something to eat.