Counting Down to Christmas

20 12 2008

I’m exhausted, but everyone now has a gift I’m quite certain they will love.  Everything is wrapped except for Nana’s necklace and scarf, Haley’s and Adrielle’s presents (which will be mailed Monday), and Oaksy’s scarf… which will be finished tonight (I hope).

The goats have an awesomely clean pen now. If any of my dear readers desire to have goats, let me share with you two words: Ceader Chips. They are the Glade Plug-Ins of the goat world.

Have any of you been following the Caylee Anthony story? I’ve been following off and on since July, but really hardcore about a week before they found the remains. I was afraid it was her… but I think everyone knew deep down that there was no way  she could be alive. 😦 It made me so sad to hear them confirm it was her, though.

Sad, sad times, my friends.




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