In Awe and On a Mission

20 04 2009

After witnessing the awe-inspiring epic work that is The Princess Shawl, I have decided that I absolutely must make a shawl now. However, I cannot knit yet, and even if I could… this shawl is above and beyond my skill at pretty much anything. The only way I will EVER obtain one is to either win the lottery and shell out the $6,000 Ravelry claim it’s worth or get equally lucky at a garage sale where no one knows what it is.

In the meantime, I’m also eyeballing a beautiful solid white summer dress at Wal-Mart and awaiting for my size to be restocked. I want this dress to have a beautiful shawl to go with it. I don’t know if I want it to be a white shawl or perhaps a super pale blue. (This dress is secretly my dream beach wedding dress, just fyi)

Right now, I have the pattern for the shawl in “Cool Girl’s Guide to Crochet” Adrielle gave me. I’d originally started doing it in my Squoosh sock yarn, but I’m thinking it’s too dark for such a lovely summer dress.  I have a ton of white baby yarn with some pale yellow and a small ball of pale pink… Yet I’m not sure the white would work. I’m not really big on wearing anything yellow unless it’s the trim or something.  I’m really leaning towards pale blue right now… or maybe white with a blue trim.

Aw, heck… I could make a white one and if it doesn’t work with this particular dress, I could wear it with something else (what, I’m not quite sure, but that’s beside the point right now, lol). Or maybe I’ll make a blue one first… after all, Wal-Mart’s got those HUGE skeins of Bernat Baby in pale blue for like $5. ❤

Yay for yarn-like adventures!




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