5 06 2009

My poor WordPress needs a theme. Not like a layout theme, but a writing theme.

My primary blog is my LiveJournal. My closely guarded blog contains details of my everyday life, my deep-as-possible-for-me thoughts, pictures, and flat-out revealing details of myself, my family, and my every day life. As you can imagine, my LJ is locked up tighter than a NASA-grade chastity belt. My WP, however, does not allow me to have these nice privacy features. It’s as public as public can get. Therefore, I am reluctant to share anything on this blog that gives away great details of my life.

So, I’ve concluded this blog needs a theme. I need a topic I can keep up with on this blog, much like my 101 in 1001 blog. It’s all about my Mission 101 and nothing else. I update it for my select readers there, and I would like to update my WP on a quasi-regular basis for my readers here. Besides, this is the blog I associate with my Ravelry. Who wants to read my random freak-outs over how LJ wouldn’t let me log in or some other random crap I update on here?

I’ve considered turning this into my yarn crafting blog, but sadly, I don’t crochet enough to warrant a blog. I enjoy crocheting, but I take my sweet time churning out projects. I’m not an obsessive yarn buyer. Now with Wal-Mart no longer selling wool yarn–let alone white wool–I can rule out a yarn dying blog for the foreseeable future. :-/

In the past, I’ve tried blogging about my many pets, including my cats and my goats. Unfortunately, both topics get really boring after a while. You can only talk so much about goat antics and cat frenzies.

So, for now, I shall think on this. My WP needs something so that I’m not neglecting it for weeks on end. I’m open to suggestions, so fire away.