Winding My Own Yarn Attempt #2

15 09 2009

Last night, I tried yet again to wind my yarn up into a yarn cake. It’s not professional looking, but by golly, it’s holding up!

I like how the yarn sticks out of the top, lol. It makes it look like a little yarn bomb.

Better shot of the top… I left a lot of yarn sticking out of the top. I was afraid I’d lose it. 😉

I love how the bottom turned out when I collapsed the inside!

I guess I’m getting the hang of this nostepinne business. Like I said, it’s not perfect, but it’s holding together and it doesn’t look half bad. I can’t complain, really. Next, I will practice some more on some partial skeins of yarn that were given to me and some partials I’ve got lying around of my own. After that, I’ll move on to my recycled yarn, starting with my urban camo yarn and my ungodly amount of white acrylic yarn.

Maybe by the time I get through all this, I’ll have a winder and won’t have to worry about using this on my precious angora/silk, lol.




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