One Last Post for 2009

31 12 2009

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Now that the busy season at the studio has ended, I finally have time to sit down, relax, and refocus on my hobbies. I do miss the little pastimes that once filled my days. Hopefully, I can find time once again for my little pleasures.

In case you haven’t heard, I became engaged on December 27th to my best friend of 7 years (my boyfriend of 4 years). While we don’t have a set date, we’ve decided on “late spring, early summer.” I’ve decided that I simply MUST have a wedding shawl. This will take up much of my free time, as I am a horribly slow yarn crafter.

As fate would have it, I was in the process of recycling a white angora/lambs wool sweater before my job took over my life. It’s the perfect weight for my shawl pattern. Even better, a kind lady on Ravelry had already sent me the color Kool-Aid I needed to dye the yarn the perfect shade of pale blue. And to make the job even easier, I received a yarn swift and ball winder for Christmas.

Fortuitous, no?

I might also make a few small decorations for the wedding. Since we’re essentially eloping, it’s no big deal if I don’t. A few small things might be nice, though… We’ll see. Maybe Dollar Store Crafts can help me out with some simple ideas.

Also in 2010, my pygmy doe, Zoe, is due to kid. Her official due date is February 27th, but goats usually kid anywhere from 7-10 days prior to their due date. I’m really hoping for multiples this year after her single birth last year (one big bouncing baby buckling!). Perhaps this will be the year I take up milking, and dare I dream… soap making? Hmmmm…

While 2009 was mostly a craptastic year, I’m glad it’s ending on a positive note. It gives me hope that 2010 will be a much better year. Big plans, big dreams, and lots of potential for happy times. I’m feeling very optimistic. 🙂