No Time For Hobbies…

8 04 2010

Or updating for that matter. Since I lack the time for a proper update, here is a list of recent happenings:

  1. I have bought lots of yarn and jello to dye more yarn. No dyeing has taken place since dyeing my yarn for the shawl.
  2. The shawl yarn? No go. It wasn’t the right color. I bought some instead because I have no time for redyeing.
  3. Working on shawl… it’ll be a miracle if it gets done in time.
  4. Bought lots of sweaters to recycle. They’re filling up the basket in my closet, but none have been recycled as of today.
  5. Intended to make special dyed yarn for Haley for her belated Christmas gift… the yarn is still in the bag I brought it home in.
  6. Planned on taking pictures with my new camera to post online. I think I have a month’s worth of photos still on the camera that haven’t made it to the computer yet.
  7. Zoe had babies! I couldn’t have stopped that if I tried. I was at work when it happened, so I missed everything.
  8. Plan on milking Zoe… are you seeing a pattern here?

This list makes me very sad. However, this picture makes me happy.

I need a different job. I’m thinking of going to nursing school after all.