Monday Six & Stuff

14 03 2011

I meant to post my Sunday Six yesterday, but alas… I’ve been dabbling in other things this week. I actually have pictures, too.

(Click for larger view!)

These ugly things are called pallets. You can find them at any lumber yard or home improvement store. Our local surplus store has an abundance of pallets from their many, many neat things like hardwood flooring. They pile the pallets up beside the dumpster with a sign that says “free pallets.” Unfortunately, their sign usually vanishes before the pallets do.

So what good are these pallets? Until a couple of weeks ago, I would have said “not much.” I have a few around for my goats to climb on, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes with pallets. My husband, however, is a very handy fellow. He found out that you can actually build things with pallets.


Did you know you can take pallets apart? I sure didn’t. Well, to be honest, I had never really given it much thought before. It takes a hammer, a circular saw, and sometimes a pry bar to break the pallets down into smaller boards. It’s rough lumber, so some leather gloves come in handy, too.

Once you break down the pallets, you can make all kinds of things from them. We’ve seen plans for chicken coops, lawn furniture, dog houses, you name it! Right now, we lack the chickens for a coop, have a healthy disdain for direct sunlight, and our dog stays inside. So what are we building?


Can you tell what it is? Probably not, because at the moment, it’s only half-finished. We’re building a house for my pygmy buck, Frank, who has destroyed nearly every manner of housing we’ve supplied for him in the last almost-three-years we’ve had him. He’s destroyed two dog houses and a “goat lean to.”  He’s a very destructive goat, so we’re hoping that by building him a little house, he will finally have a place to sleep that won’t be destroyed in a few months.


The only problem now (besides doing the math to figure out the pitch of the roof) is that I have concluded this house is much too nice for Frank. I think it would make an excellent little club house, especially if it had a window and some paint. I can sit inside it quite comfortably, and it feels quite cozy inside it, thank you very much. However, the rough lumber makes it quite uncomfortable for lounging, so just this once, Frank may have his own little club house. I’ve already christened it “The He-Buck Doe-Haters Club.” I plan on making it a sign that says as much.


And now, for my meager Sunday Six attempt:


Deidra  rolled her eyes as she turned her back to him. “Then what, Jimmy? Let’s say we do win this war and bring them down. What am I supposed to do then? My son is dead, my husband betrayed me, and there’s no one else who cares whether or not I live or die.”

“You could always come with me.”


Until next time, folks.




One response

16 03 2011

*sings* love is in the air, everywhere i look aroooound…

nice six, jan jan. i want moar!

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