“The Captain’s Speech”

10 04 2011

I’ve never written a story involving a military in it, let alone included a scene where a captain must urge his men into a dangerous situation. This was a difficult scene to write, but I think it turned out rather well.

In this scene, the Xenna Corporation has finally captured the elusive Dragon Summoner, Cailie. She is a powerful woman, believed to be something of a voodoo woman in the modern era. Her magical powers are the subject of many horror stories told to children and adults alike. The soldiers are afraid of coming face-to-face with this woman after a lifetime of hearing stories about her. Captain Donavan Wolfe gives his speech to prepare his men for the encounter:

The majority of the men saluted while others had yet to notice the commanding officer through their nervousness. “Gentlemen, these walls are lined with mytheril and reinforced steel,” Donavan continued. “There are eight gateways the truck must pass through in order to reach this room, each of those guarded by a small platoon of men like you. Yet do you fool yourselves into thinking that if all hell breaks loose, you can just shoot her?

“She is worth more than every life in this building. She is worth more than our lives, our laboratories, our research, and anything you can possibly place a monetary value upon. Even if by some prayer of a chance you DID manage to shoot her and bring the situation back under control, it will be every head in this docking bay that will be served to the President on a silver platter if she is harmed.

“It has taken decades to track down the last Summoner’s heir after some fool felt it necessary to put a bullet in her head while she slept. No one knew the whereabouts of her sister, or if she was even still alive. If it took us this long to find a known heir, you can only imagine how difficult it would be for us to find the next in line. We’re outta sisters and intelligence has yet to find any offspring. Kill this Summoner and we’re F.U.B.A.R., and I will personally see that the person who creates more paperwork for me finds him or herself on permanent sewer detail.”

Donavan turned to a very nervous looking lab technician stationed by the door. “I want tranquilizers, and I want them in abundance. Every man here will be armed with tranq-guns and a religious text of their choice. If we can’t sedate her, god is all we’ve got left.”