“Deidra’s News”

11 09 2011

I’m in nursing school now. If I manage to update, it’s just gravy. In the meantime, here’s a tidbit from a novella-esque piece I’me working on. It tells about Deidra’s life before becoming a world-saving hero:

                “You’re sure?” Tobiah asked again.

                Instead of replying, Deidra took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Tobiah couldn’t deny the small swelling of her stomach. She looked up at him with a neutral expression, revealing nothing about her true feelings regarding this unexpected news.

                “How long has it been?”

                “Almost three months,” she replied.

                A slow smile spread across his face. A man of few words, he simply rubbed his hand against her stomach. “A rainy season baby,” he murmured. “Good chances of surviving the snowy season.”

              Deidra’s mask faded as she smiled at him. Several moments passed as they basked in the reality of the news. They had been husband and wife for three seasons now, and by some standards, this announcement would be long overdue. Deidra had yet to worry. She was still reveling in the joy of being the bride of the most eligible bachelor in Reju. To be his wife and the mother of his child only brightened her heart. Only one worry threatened to dampen her spirits.

                 “Do you think Ophilia will be pleased?”

                Tobiah’s smile broadened. “Mother will be very pleased.”




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11 09 2011


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