Another Belated Sunday Six

21 03 2011

Let’s be honest here for a moment, folks… I suck at deadlines. If my life/grade doesn’t depend on it, I will probably be late when it comes to producing something. Whether it’s mailing something out on time or posting six sentences, chances are it will be late.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about this little paragraph from my story. This is a scene I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a long time. Dee and Jimmy are my favorite couple in all of the stories I’ve ever written. The love/hate tension between them builds and festers for a long time before Jimmy finally makes the first move. I know it might come off as Jimmy being a major jerk in this scene, but… well, he kind of is, but for “good” reasons I haven’t told anyone yet.

Also, this segment happens to be seven sentences, not six. No matter how I rephrased everything, the seventh sentence had to stay. I also refused to remove any of the others. I really like this little “sceneshot,” and I hope you do, too. It starts in the middle of a rant Dee is unloading on Jimmy for being “reckless, arrogant, self-absorbed” and the like when he suddenly cuts her off mid-sentence…

(It also helps to listen to “Hanging By a Moment” by Lifehouse when you read this. I wrote this while listening to it, just fyi.)

Without warning, Jimmy grabbed her arms and slammed her against the wall. Dee’s eyes grew wide as Jimmy’s lips crushed into her own, bringing her rage to an equally violent halt. He kissed her angrily, almost viciously, with a passion she had never known as his hands squeezed her until she would surely bruise. And yet somehow, her anger had vanished, and  she didn’t care what he did as long as he didn’t stop. Her breath was taken away while her heart pounded against her chest, engulfed in a firy rampage within her thoughts. She hadn’t felt such a surge of emotion since Tobiah—

Finding what was left of herself, Deidra shoved against his chest, cursing under her breath as she turned and hurried away from him. It was too late to hide her tears.


You like? I like. Well, sorta. I wish I could include more. As I’ve learned the last three Sundays, “the Sunday six” just isn’t really working for me, at least not on a regular basis. I like the challenge of making every word in every sentence count, but I don’t like cutting my scenes short. I cut this scene short and I’m not too happy about how it turned out.

After Tweeting back and forth with Lexcade a bit, I’ve decided that any writing I share here will be along the lines of “Teaser Tuesday,” or maybe make it my own by calling it “Sceneshot Sunday.” I don’t really know yet what I’ll call it or when I’ll post it, but I do know Mondays are better writing/blogging days for me than any other. I think for my first post, I’ll share the full sceneshot from above. This really doesn’t do it justice.

Tune in next time, folks.


Digging the New WP

8 12 2008

I like this new WordPress look. I also like how the homepage was snowing. That was cute. I also like the new Gmail themes. I can tell what it’s like outside just by checking my inbox, lol. Okay, not really, but at least I can get fair warning that it’s raining.

Today I plan on sitting down and crocheting like my life depends on it. I have a lot of work to do. Granted, I already warned two recipients that their gifts would most likely be post-Christmas, and they were fine with that (yay!). Another one doesn’t even know she’s getting it, so no rush there. Oaksy’s scarf MUST be completed soon, though.

Sad story… I watched Harry Potter 1 the other day on ABC Family and saw their pretty knitted scarves. It made me sad because the one I’m making doesn’t look like them. They’re crocheted and done in bulky homespun, not in a pretty smaller weight. :-/ Oh well, I’m working with what I have (read: what was at Wal-Mart) and doing what I can (read: crocheting). That’s gotta count for something, right?


A List of Thoughts

25 09 2008

1) I make my crochet stitches ridiculously tight. I really need to work on this… it annoys me to no end.

2) Nuttin But Stringz may become my new musical obsession. Not quite of the Hanson variety. More like when I first got into System of a Down.

3) I want to explore downtown Paintsville… just because I’ve never been over that way. I may find neat things there.

4) Trillian messenger blows. Larry likes it, but I can’t get it to work.

5) Zoe is back in season. She and Frank are very chatty, so to speak… I wish he’d just hurry up and knock her up.

6) I was offered a pygmy goat buckling for free… but I have too many bucks as is. O_o I need more does!!!

7) Tomorrow, I will wash my car. Only rain or temperatures below 70 will stop me.

8) I’m hungry… and didn’t really think of it til just now. I’ve only eaten part of a bowl of (dry) cereal and half a bowl of Ramen (it was too soggy). I doubt ice cream counts as food. I think I’ll go microwave some corndogs. *nom nom nom*

The Day Has Come

27 06 2008

“…where I never thought of anyone quite as much as I think of yooo-ooo-ooooou.”

*ahem* Sorry ’bout that. Ancient Hanson song from their pre-puberty days. We’re talking pre-Mmmbop here.

But yes, the day has come where it’s official that my stash tote is too small. It might hold all my yarn, but will not hold all my yarn, books, needles, and projects anymore. 😦

I’ve packed up all my yarn-related goodies and had to put several things in my port-a-yarn (my traveling tote, lol kinda like a port-a-john… *ahem* anyway…). I am both pleased and saddened. Pleased because I’ve fallen this far into the Yarn Side of the Force, but sad because that poor tote has never had anything but yarn in it. We’d had it a long time before I got “hooked,” but it wouldn’t hold all of Larry’s comics. So all it’s had in it for any length of time has been a cat or two.

I guess now it will be a strictly yarn stash. I’ll prbly start storing my books on my desk, and my hooks will remain in the port-a-yarn. We’ll figure it out when we get there, though. Right now, I don’t even know where we’ll put the study.

I need a new layout… and a new picture. I have grown bored with my current ones.

Nuttin But Strings

20 06 2008

Do you watch “America’s Got Talent?” I don’t, but after seeing these guys, I most likely will now.

Wow… good luck, boys! I want to see them win!

Sweeney Love

21 05 2008

That Johnny Depp musical, “Sweeney Todd” has been on the movie channels for a few days now. I don’t care much for the movie, but I do love the music… and I’ve got a terrible crush on Helena Bonham Carter. I’ve seen it four-going-on-five times, and two-and-a-half of those times were today. I’ve also downloaded most of the soundtrack.

Don’t worry, this isn’t spoiler-ish if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

*le sigh* Too bad Johnny sounds like a bass-turned-tenor. He doesn’t sing in this segment, but later they do a duet together (part of the Finale) where he really lets loose and damn… I wish it wasn’t so short. They do all kinds of duets and that one is my favotite. “A Little Priest” was good, too, especially the choreography (love the symbolisim).

I is pleased.

Events & Such

2 03 2008

I have a functional car now! It’s a Taurus and her name is Fancy. Yes, after the Reba song. 😀 She drives so fine!!! After the Blue Car of Death, though, I thought the chorus of “Fancy” was quite suiting… “Here’s you one chance, Fancy. Don’t let me down.”

I’m also going to be an aunt again sometime in the fall. My niece, Raquel (14 months) is getting a brother or sister! I’m very excited.

I’ve also realized that I need to get a “Q hook” to do the afghans for all the babies. I was going to make three. Now I need to make four… unless the new baby becomes babies. ^_^