“Deidra’s News”

11 09 2011

I’m in nursing school now. If I manage to update, it’s just gravy. In the meantime, here’s a tidbit from a novella-esque piece I’me working on. It tells about Deidra’s life before becoming a world-saving hero:

                “You’re sure?” Tobiah asked again.

                Instead of replying, Deidra took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Tobiah couldn’t deny the small swelling of her stomach. She looked up at him with a neutral expression, revealing nothing about her true feelings regarding this unexpected news.

                “How long has it been?”

                “Almost three months,” she replied.

                A slow smile spread across his face. A man of few words, he simply rubbed his hand against her stomach. “A rainy season baby,” he murmured. “Good chances of surviving the snowy season.”

              Deidra’s mask faded as she smiled at him. Several moments passed as they basked in the reality of the news. They had been husband and wife for three seasons now, and by some standards, this announcement would be long overdue. Deidra had yet to worry. She was still reveling in the joy of being the bride of the most eligible bachelor in Reju. To be his wife and the mother of his child only brightened her heart. Only one worry threatened to dampen her spirits.

                 “Do you think Ophilia will be pleased?”

                Tobiah’s smile broadened. “Mother will be very pleased.”


“The Captain’s Speech”

10 04 2011

I’ve never written a story involving a military in it, let alone included a scene where a captain must urge his men into a dangerous situation. This was a difficult scene to write, but I think it turned out rather well.

In this scene, the Xenna Corporation has finally captured the elusive Dragon Summoner, Cailie. She is a powerful woman, believed to be something of a voodoo woman in the modern era. Her magical powers are the subject of many horror stories told to children and adults alike. The soldiers are afraid of coming face-to-face with this woman after a lifetime of hearing stories about her. Captain Donavan Wolfe gives his speech to prepare his men for the encounter:

The majority of the men saluted while others had yet to notice the commanding officer through their nervousness. “Gentlemen, these walls are lined with mytheril and reinforced steel,” Donavan continued. “There are eight gateways the truck must pass through in order to reach this room, each of those guarded by a small platoon of men like you. Yet do you fool yourselves into thinking that if all hell breaks loose, you can just shoot her?

“She is worth more than every life in this building. She is worth more than our lives, our laboratories, our research, and anything you can possibly place a monetary value upon. Even if by some prayer of a chance you DID manage to shoot her and bring the situation back under control, it will be every head in this docking bay that will be served to the President on a silver platter if she is harmed.

“It has taken decades to track down the last Summoner’s heir after some fool felt it necessary to put a bullet in her head while she slept. No one knew the whereabouts of her sister, or if she was even still alive. If it took us this long to find a known heir, you can only imagine how difficult it would be for us to find the next in line. We’re outta sisters and intelligence has yet to find any offspring. Kill this Summoner and we’re F.U.B.A.R., and I will personally see that the person who creates more paperwork for me finds him or herself on permanent sewer detail.”

Donavan turned to a very nervous looking lab technician stationed by the door. “I want tranquilizers, and I want them in abundance. Every man here will be armed with tranq-guns and a religious text of their choice. If we can’t sedate her, god is all we’ve got left.”

Sceneshot Sunday: Issue #1

27 03 2011

While many writers are taking place in the Sunday Six Challenge, I am once again going against the grain and blazing my own trail. I tried doing the Sunday Six, but it just wasn’t working out for me. I liked the challenge, but it felt too limiting, especially for someone like me who is just coming out of a *mumble* long writing hiatus.

Instead of the Sunday Six, I present to you a little thing I call “Sceneshot Sunday.” Every Sunday that I’m not distracted by something else, I will present to you a small scene from one of my works, usually no more than a few short paragraphs. I think some people do this for “Teaser Tuesday,” but like I said, I’m a writing rebel! Phooey on the already established norms!

Last week, I had mentioned sharing the full version of Dee and Jimmy’s kiss from my “Untitled Epic Book Series,” alias “The Jade Stories.” However, I haven’t gotten around to polishing that scene just yet. Instead, here’s a scene from a work I have been polishing a little. It’s from a work-in-progress I’ve entitled “All She Has Left.”

In this scene, Grant Banner attends the wake of the husband of his old friend, Julie Wright, with whom he’s lost contact with after grad school. After five years had passed, Grant finally sees Julie for the first time as she is hiding in her bedroom, trying to escape the family and friends who filled her house with good intentions, but little privacy.

“So, um… How are you?”

Well, that was original, Banner, he winced.

Julie sniffled faintly. “I’ve been better. Things have been pretty crazy around here and… and…”

When she hesitated, Grant began to worry he’d said something to trigger even more tears. Instead crying, however, Julie finally lifted her head as she turned to face her old friend. The corners of her mouth twitched upwards in the attempt of a smile. Her eyes were red–no doubt from the last two sleepless nights–while dark circles hung like crescents beneath her eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a single braid that missed her waist by mere centimeters. The black dress she wore made her face pale as milk. Make-up smeared from crying stained her cheeks, but her forest green eyes were strong and she was as beautiful as ever, but why did any of this surprise him?

“Do you want me to fix you something to eat?”

Grant couldn’t help but smile. She really hadn’t changed a bit.

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